Facts and Myths About Royal Enfield Motorcycles: Personal Experience And Observations

Everybody seems to have some opinion about Royal Enfield motorcycles these days. It’s obvious, you cannot ignore this legendary motorcycle; and legends have got stories about them: some facts, some fiction.

Without further ado, let’s see what we talk and hear about these motorcycles, and check their validity:

  1. Royal Enfield Motorcycles are Too Heavy 

Well, not exactly! Yes, it’s true these machines weigh about 200kg or more, but they are designed to obey you when you ride them.

I am an ex Bajaj Avenger and Pulsar rider, they weigh under 150kg. I’ve also ridden 100cc and 125cc motorcycles; guess what, I find these lighter motorcycle more unstable and difficult to carry than these so-called heavy motorcycles.

You will find Royal Enfield motorcycles heavy only for a month or two. The more time you spend with the machine, the more control you gain over it.

Wait till your first servicing of your motorcycle, and then you’d feel more control and balance over it.

A person weighing above 55kg should not worry much about the weight of these motorcycles. Just try to spend more time with your machines, things will change positively.

2. Royal Enfield Motorcycles are The Best for Long Rides

No, it’s not true. It’s not true at all. Royal Enfield motorcycles, indeed, are one of the most unreliable motorcycles in the market.

These old fashioned motorcycles don’t have those modern technologies and standards that Japanese sports motorcycles have got.

Royal Enfield motorcycle engines cannot be compared with the engines of Honda’s or Suzuki’s or Yamaha’s.

Royal Enfield motorcycles still don’t have modern features such as digital speedometer, Fuel gauge, clock, etc.

Royal Enfield motorcycles don’t even need them, because it’s a vintage and retro style motorcycle, this way we all like it.

3. Royal Enfield Motorcycles are Slow

Well, it is somewhat true. Despite its 350cc engine, it is not much faster than any 150cc modern Motorcycles such as Yamaha’s and Honda’s. Even Pulsar 150 is faster than Royal Enfield Motorcycles.

However, a riding enthusiast wouldn’t mind the lack of power or speed as these Motorcycles are not designed for speed or racing.

4. Maintenance and Servicing Costs are too High

It just depends! It depends upon your riding style and the way you maintain your motorcycle. In my opinion, the so-called high maintenance cost should not be a cause of worry for Royal Enfield owners.

I’ve heard a lot about the so-called high maintenance and servicing costs of Royal Enfield Motorcycles that sounds discouraging to new owners or buyers. But, considering the motorcycle’s retro finish and high CC engine, the maintenance and servicing cost is justifiable.

5. Royal Enfield Motorcycles Grab People’s Attention

Well, when I had bought my Royal Enfield Signals (sandstorm), I had grabbed some attention on the road. Signals editions, especially the sand color, reflect an attractive macho look, which may not be true with all the models.

Attracting or trying to attract people’s attention by riding Royal Enfield Motorcycles is a little exaggeration, and not a smart thing to do. But, yes these motorcycles do have their significance road presence that you might expect.

6. Royal Enfield Motorcycles Break Down a Lot

Hmmm… This subject is a little tricky. It’s true, though, that Royal Enfield Motorcycles are not as modern as Yamahas and Suzukis, buy complaining that these motorcycles break down a lot might be a little exaggeration.

My motorcycle has not broken down in six months, but my friend says his one has broken down multiple times. Well…my friend is a very well built guy and rides a little rashly. He’s not a guy who’s fond of motorcycles.

Best And Worst Ways to Deal with Bad Managers.

Most of the newcomers to the corporate world face a common problem: they hate their bad manager or team lead.

The newcomers do everything, from being submissive to bootlicking, to persuade. After all, we all got to save our job. We might hate our job but we still go on with it. Not just that we try to save our bad job or find new ways to make our job a little more interesting.

Our jobs run the show of our lives. We positively pay our bills and buy luxury things because our job is in the right place.

Our job becomes a nightmare, once a bad manager or team lead makes an entry.

In traditional office ecosystems, these managers are treated as badass managers. Some call them born managers. But in reality, these guys are either bullies, or ill-mannered, or just those who don’t qualify the job. I call them scumbags!

Senior Management and its board should take cognizance of these scumbags in their offices. But unfortunately, this doesn’t happen.

Now, you are a newcomer or a fresher, or someone with lesser than 5 years of experience, what options you got to deal with these scumbags?


I know it would not be easy for newcomers or juniors, but once you initiate confronting their bad attitude, they do sense it.

A guy with a bad attitude or too much ego is a sensitive guy. So, as you stop feeding their ego, they get the message. Once they get the message, they get into a kind of ego protection mode.

They would do anything to protect their ego; they would even compromise with their ego also. You would shortly notice visible changes in their behavior towards you.


If you are really fearful of confronting your badass manager, you can try changing your team.

When you try to change a team, two things happen, first, you send an indirect but clear message to you manager that you are not fine with him/her; secondly, you really change your team and find yourself in a ‘better’ place.

You may also find yourself in a worse team, but at least you did something. Never just get accustomed to a bad team, look for a better team and better people. This is how you grow in the corporate world.  


Yes, if anyone raises his/her voice at you in the office, your voice should be louder: this will not be taught by most of the career coaches.

Yes, we should be nice, humble, well-spoken and well-behaved in your office life, but when it is time to raise your voice, you raise it.  

Though we all hesitate to raise voice or make a complaint, it works as a blessing in disguise not just for the individual but also for the whole company.


This is not the last option, but one of the options. Quitting a job and taking another should be a normal practice for a growth-minded employee.

Yes, be a growth-minded employee and never be an emotional one.

You can be as much emotional and touchy person in your personal life as you want, but office life is completely a different world.

In your office life, if you are not a growth-oriented person, you would fail.

The Ultimate Superfoods For Poor Men And Minimalists: Sole Survival Hacks

Global warming is still going to take a hell lot of time to destroy the world, and we may not even see the apocalypse in our life span. But, it doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy our survival drama now.

Millions of people around the globe have decided to live alone and wait for the judgment day. They generally don’t eat sumptuous meals, because they are naturally poor or like to live like minimalists.

Being poor and alone cannot stop us from enjoying tasty and nutritious foods. There are some certain foods that are poor men’s ultimate sources of survival.


Eggs are Cheap, and they are available in abundance. They are also loaded with all the vital nutrients and vitamins.

Most importantly, they are the cheapest protein source available in the market. If eggs are your primary source of protein, then you can eat them as many as 6 eggs in a day.

New researches show that eggs are not as harmful as they were considered before. Eggs don’t really increase the cholesterol level, but they neutralize it in our bodies. Eggs are truly gifts for poor men.


Though eggs are a great source of protein, oats are the most perfect combination of protein and carbohydrates. We cannot ignore and exclude the carbohydrates from our diet.

Carbohydrates or carbs give us quick energy. The energy that we need every day to walk and lift things and think rightly. Carbohydrates also hold some fats in our body. These fats help us survive in emergencies.

Thus, oat comes as a savior to poor men with its great source of protein and complex carbohydrates.


Monkeys love bananas, and bananas keep monkeys healthy and active all day. We humans can surely learn something from our distant cousins.

Bananas have got protein, carbohydrates, and all those vital vitamins packed together. Not just that, bananas are one of the greatest sources of natural fiber; fiber that we need for our bowel movement in the morning. On some occasions, bananas can replace our morning breakfast also.

Boiled Meat:

Meat is the naturally selected food of human beings. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors survived on meat for many many centuries. Vegetables and agriculture are a recently discovered phenomenon, as recently as 5000 BC.

So buy raw meat from the market, add a little salt, and some chilies or peppers, and boil it some cookware. No frills. Keep your meat clean and simple. Eat meat as our ancestors did. This is the way poor people survive with dignity.

Psyllium Husk and Flax:

Sometimes, poor men and minimalists need extra support of fiber to maintain gut health. Psyllium Husk and Flax seeds come to the rescue. Poor men and minimalists should take these superfoods as usually. Psyllium Husk also helps in dealing with hunger pangs, poor men’s biggest enemy.

Protein Powder:

Though eggs are a great source of protein, protein powder is the quickest protein available. Just add little water and all you have is 100 percent protein to consume.

Protein shakes are the healthiest shakes to have in the mornings. Most minimalists just take protein shakes instead of any breakfasts in the mornings.


Indian curd is a great source of pre- probiotics, the good bacterias in the stomach. Also, it’s loaded with protein and vitamins for healthy bones. Curd should be taken raw, but by adding little sugar in it can make it a delightful treat to oneself.

Being poor or a minimalist doesn’t mean one has to compromise on food, but it is all about enjoying healthy food and a great lifestyle.


Last but not least- Coffee. Coffee and only coffee is the most luxurious beverage for poor men and minimalists. It’s easy to make and gives the greatest boost one would need in a day.

Seven Basic Fashion Accessories For Every Poor Man and Minimalist

You can be a poor man, you can be a minimalist, and you can be a fashion icon AF at the same time.
You don’t really need to have multiple pairs of shoes and pants to mark your presence in the fashion department.
We all know the rich guy with his flamboyant appearance but fails to impress us. If we ever need any fashion inspiration, he would be the last guy.
Consider yourself lucky to be a minimalist or the one who sees ramp models as funny people. Ramp models are indeed funny guys. They don’t inspire masses in the fashion department. All they do is… I don’t really know what they do… They just appear funny to me.
Well, you can find ramp walkers and supermodels and their fashion funny and stupid; still, you can mark your presence in the fashion department.
Dress what you are, and what you feel about yourself. If you are a man, and feel like a man, and proud of your manhood, then dress like a man.

God has given us all beautiful faces, this is why we try to make a difference at our feet. We were many things on our feet, but if you don’t wear big boots, you are a novice in fashion.

Sports shoes and sneakers are for guys with mixed-gender orientations, no offense, by the way. Boots are for those who identify themselves as men.
Black leather boots are just fine, but if they are tan or brown, they are impressive. Always wear boots with jeans and formal trousers.
Boots don’t just look manly, they are also made sturdy and last long: a perfect accessory for a poor man or a minimalist.

Round or V-shaped t-shirts are for not-so-serious people. Polo or collar t-shirts are made for people who mean business.

Polo t-shirts are durable. They are sophisticated. They don’t carry stupid slogans printed on them.
From athletes to college students, from office goers to presidents, everyone who makes a difference wears polo t-shirts.

A body fitting half sleeve shirt makes a strong fashion statement. Wear it to show that you are stronger and more powerful in your office or the neighborhood.

You can wear it on any occasion. Choose a half sleeve shirt either black or white to keep its sober statement.

Belts don’t just save our modesty, they help us show our strong presence in the fashion department.

Always keep a strong pure leather belt of a brown or tan color. Pure leather belts, because they last for years. Though belts come in various colors, a minimalist should choose between black, brown and tan. Tan leather belts are the best belts.

Please, never wear a plastic digital wristwatch, however costly and durable. Let the kids enjoyed and show off these plastic digital watches.

Men should go for an analog wristwatch- made of shiny steel, with a big dial. Let others know that you are made of iron and prefer steel.

Last but not least, go for a well-fitting traditional pair of blue jeans. Remember, five-pocket, traditional blue jeans. Do not give yourself many options while choosing jeans.

You don’t need red jeans or yellow jeans or even black jeans. You need only and only blue jeans.

You visit either an eyewear store or an online portal, you would find thousands of choices. You don’t need to bother about these many choices, because it’s a simple matter.

Always go for either round or pilot style sunglasses. Choose between black and brown color glasses, and don’t you ever bother about red, yellow or orange shades.

LifeStyle: Things That One Should be Eating As A Good Minimalist

You, sir, are not a good minimalist if you are not eating as a good minimalist eat. Remember, minimalists don’t need to eat less, but healthy and easily available.

There are criteria on what a minimalist should eat, and what he/she should avoid. Let’s keep things random and simple about things, I mean food, that we should not eat first-

Pizza: A minimalist most not eat pizza even on weekends. pizza is made of bad stuff, like refined flour, lots of artificial edible substances, preservatives, oil, etc. Pizzas require lots of time to be made, and they are made by hotel guys; not recommended for minimalists.

Burger: This thing is even worse than pizzas. This food is laden with lots of unhealthy substances that help you look like a burger over a period of time. A minimalist should not eat food that cannot be made or prepared or cooked by himself.

Biryani: This Indian subcontinent food is spreading around the globe now. It’s filling, it’s spicy, it’s tasty, and it’s full of carbs. Carb is an enemy of good health. More importantly, it takes lots of time and expertise to make it. The minimalists obviously don’t cook food that takes time and expertise to make.

Ice creams & Cakes: Tons of carbohydrates and artificial colors make ice creams and cakes seriously unhealthy thing to relish. No further explanation is required!

Bread and Bread Spread: Bread these days have become unhealthier. Bread manufacturers are adding more and more preservatives to make their products look fresh for a longer duration. The same thing goes with bread Spreads like peanut butter, Nutella, etc. Remember again- these things are filled with lots of preservatives, artificial colors, acidity regulator, and SUGAR (up to 70%).

Cold Drinks: Cold Drinks are sweet, tasty and chilled. But, they are pure sugar. They add so much sugar that one would throw up if the acidity regulator and suppressants are not used in them.

Well, if I conclude in a line: stay away from carbohydrates, other chemical stuff such as acidity regulator, thickener, preservatives, artificial colors, and sweeteners. Our body needs a lesser amount of carbohydrates and no chemicals.

Things That We Minimalists Should Eat-

More and More Meat: Meat is the greatest source of natural protein. Our ancestors have survived only on meat for millions of years. The vegetable was not our (Homo Sapiens) primary or natural food. It took hundreds of years to select a plant as safe food. Most of the plants were and are poisonous. Our ancestors had a difficult time selecting between poisonous and nonpoisonous plants, but they had no fear of meat. The could kill any living thing and eat it without fearing about poison. So as a Minimalist, you must shift to meat. Most of your meals should include only meat.

I’m not against eating vegetables and fruits, yes they are healthy, full of nutritions, source of good carbs, and most importantly fiber for our healthy internal organs. But, when I talk about eating non-veg, I mean only vegetables and fruits. I’m strictly against rice, wheat, and corn. When our ancestors quit Hunter gathering and shifted to farming, they began falling sick, because they were growing rice, wheat, and corn.

More and More Vegetables: Vegetables that are available now are generally safe to eat, thanks to early Homo Sapiens. Poisonous vegetables have been weeded out long ago by our ancestors. They are not just a great source or vitamins and minerals, but they are the only source of fiber. Fibers make us go to the toilet every morning. Simply put: eat more and more vegetables, they are essentials for good health. But stay away from the grains and vegetables that are grown by harmful fertilizers.

Eat Eggs: Eggs are perhaps the best friend of the Minimalists. They are easy to cook and full of nutrition. Sometimes they may turn boring, but minimalism also may turn boring- this is how we like it.

Coffee, obviously: the minimalists drink no other drinks but coffee. More and more of it. Coffee doesn’t only boost the energy level, but also provides the minimal need for carbohydrates in the form of sugar. Most importantly, it suppresses unwanted hunger pangs, the enemy of the minimalists.
Long Live Minimalism!!