Dirty Office Politics: The Global Corporate Dilemma

Dirty Office Politics! Politics at the office! Politics!

Our corporate or noncorporate offices are marred with these words. Indeed, the politics at our workplaces has given hard times to our employees. They are in it, and they are being affected by it badly. Office politics is causing mental health-related concerns around the globe. It’s time we start talking about it.

The Ego!

The ego runs high in our offices. The positions and designations bring along the ego and status. Some are bosses, some are reportees, and some are at real lower strata. They all have got egos in disproportionate amounts, and they all clash at some point. They are bound to clash.

So, how do we treat our ego? Can we make them vanish?

No! Egos would always be there with you as long as you live. Some egos are good, and some egos are really disgusting. Some egos shape and sharpen our personalities, and some egos destruct our whole image in from of others. You as the ego if it is good or bad, and the ego itself will answer. Go with the good ego, and crush the bad one as soon as you identify it.

Do Your Job!

I know you do your job, but do you really enjoy what you do? Do you love your job? If NO, then the politics will take its course indirectly. You will eventually find someone to blame for the wrong done. Mistakes will be called out and you will do everything to pass it on to others.

If you love your job, you will accept the mistakes and see then an opportunity to improve your efficiency. And, the dirty politics will not poke its nose.

Why So Serious!

Have fun. Go to your office to have fun, meet your friends, and make new ones. Workplaces or offices are great places to socialize. Socialize and maintain a safe emotional distance. You are at your workplace or in the office to make money. This place is not Facebook, Twitter, or Tinder for that matter. Be cautious and have fun!

Love All, Hate None!

Love them all as casual friends, and the close one. A close friend at the workplace is not a healthy idea. An office is just a place where people with common goals and intentions gather, and that is: make money by valid means. Your so-called close friend or ‘sweetheart’ will leave you as soon as he or she switches to a new job.

You are more like a guest at your workplace, not ‘a member of the family’ as they say in the inductions.

Look for A New Job!

If the dirty politics is getting uncontrollable and the workplace becomes toxic, think of switching to a new opportunity. It does help. A new workplace may have a better work culture and a better environment. Not all offices and workplaces are the same, some are good, and some are bad. Some might work for you, some might not work for you despite ‘the best place to work’ tagged with them.