Let’s Become Top Performing Employee Just In a Month: Three Tricks

We all want to be a top performing employee in our office; we try hard but we fail to recognize the underlying problems in our lifestyles. 

Let me be frank to you: I never liked my job and always remained a below average performer in my 7 years of career.  I always dreamt of quitting my job and doing something that I would probably enjoy doing.

I woke up at 7 a.m, sometimes at 8 a.m on weekdays; always reached my office late. And, on weekends, I slept till it’s midday. Precisely, I never had any disciplined sleep habit.  This is what happens when you don’t enjoy your job and life.

So far as my performance is concerned, I already told you I remained below average mark. Though, I worked hard. When you work hard and remain a below average performer, you just pity your luck. Yes, I pitied my luck and cursed myself.

This thing was just getting on my nerves. I felt more and more tired in my personal & professional life. One morning I went to the office and resigned without much thought.  I was advised not to do so, and I also knew that this was not a good idea. One should never quite a job before securing another.

I went to my village in Buxar, India. I knew it was going to be just a holiday; there was no respite from the corporate world for good.  My money will drain out some day very soon. In the end, I would be running to the city for a livelihood.

At my village, I grandfather had grown vegetables like cucumber, eggplants, luffa, calabash, etc. I liked his creative idea of growing potato in containers. He was so passionate about gardening that he always talked about his plants and shared ideas on how to take care of them. His house was surrounded by plants and herbs. His obsession with plants and their growing status was so strong that I felt awestruck.

After spending a week, I also grew some interest in the plantation. I liked seeing those fresh vegetables and flowers around. Everything was easy going and so peaceful. I wished I could stay here for my whole life. Fresh food, fresh air, fresh mind, fresh everything!

After spending about a month, I realized my money is depleting fast. Asking for help with money is a creepy idea for me. I had to come back to the city. And I came back to Bangalore. They call it Bangaluru, now.

The next day, when I woke up, I felt peaceful. Though I had no job, I felt fine.

Well, I had to get a job. I updated my CV on and welcomed the job calls and emails. I was jobless; still, I decided not to attend more than two interviews in a week. I prepared for the interviews indeed.

We all must prepare for the interviews. Attending interviews without preparation is like going to the war without weapons. If you have ever succeeded in an interview without preparation, it was just your luck. One must not depend only on luck.

In a month I had attended five interviews. Most of the interviews went really well, but I got the job offer from the interview that had gone horribly wrong. In job hunting, this happens.

After getting the job, I said to myself: I’m not going back to those depressing days of office life, not anymore. I will make my office life more creative and fruitful. I will be enjoying my office life now.


I Woke Up At 5 a.m:

In the village, I realized I was naturally going to bed early and waking up early and felt fresh. That was a great realization. I tried implementing the same habit here in the city. It was not easy, because the environment was not the same as in the village.

The cities are noisy, populated, dazzling and distracting. Thus it becomes difficult to go to bed early and wake up early. I forced myself, and in a few days, I got the habit of getting up early in the morning. Now my eyes always open at 5 a.m without alarm, though I don’t forget to set the alarm.

I Exercise Every day:

I quickly brush my teeth and prepare my black coffee. The coffee gives me a quick boost to do some exercise. I do push-ups, crunches, and squats. That all, I don’t even use dumbbells, because I don’t have them. You know what- only by this workout I’ve developed a good physique. Plus, I’ve developed a good frame of mind. Exercise is good for physique and mood.

The city life is hectic. After spending much time in traffic it becomes difficult to find the time for the gym. Thankfully, going to the gym is a modern fancy invention. Spartans didn’t go to the gym.

I Created a Spam Folder in Mind:

Yeah, you heard it right. I’ve developed a spam folder in my mind. There, I dump all my negative, hateful & depressing thought. Being positively selfish is a good idea.

Be selfish regarding your happiness. Don’t pity yours or others tragedies in life. Be positive, and if it is difficult to be positive about something just stop thinking about that.

Now, I’ve trained my mind to filter my thoughts automatically. Bad thoughts go to the spam folder and only the good thoughts stay. Training your mind for this filtering process wouldn’t be easy in the beginning, but you will succeed eventually.


These three changes brought great changes in my personal and professional life. I already knew my job as I was well experienced in it, but always remained an average performer. After bringing these three changes, I felt fresh. Now I remain motivated and energetic whole day.

Well, this is how I became a top performing employee just in a month. And yeah, don’t forget to take a break and go on a holiday.

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