Most of the newcomers to the corporate world face a common problem: they hate their bad manager or team lead.

The newcomers do everything, from being submissive to bootlicking, to persuade. After all, we all got to save our job. We might hate our job but we still go on with it. Not just that we try to save our bad job or find new ways to make our job a little more interesting.

Our jobs run the show of our lives. We positively pay our bills and buy luxury things because our job is in the right place.

Our job becomes a nightmare, once a bad manager or team lead makes an entry.

In traditional office ecosystems, these managers are treated as badass managers. Some call them born managers. But in reality, these guys are either bullies, or ill-mannered, or just those who don’t qualify the job. I call them scumbags!

Senior Management and its board should take cognizance of these scumbags in their offices. But unfortunately, this doesn’t happen.

Now, you are a newcomer or a fresher, or someone with lesser than 5 years of experience, what options you got to deal with these scumbags?


I know it would not be easy for newcomers or juniors, but once you initiate confronting their bad attitude, they do sense it.

A guy with a bad attitude or too much ego is a sensitive guy. So, as you stop feeding their ego, they get the message. Once they get the message, they get into a kind of ego protection mode.

They would do anything to protect their ego; they would even compromise with their ego also. You would shortly notice visible changes in their behavior towards you.


If you are really fearful of confronting your badass manager, you can try changing your team.

When you try to change a team, two things happen, first, you send an indirect but clear message to you manager that you are not fine with him/her; secondly, you really change your team and find yourself in a ‘better’ place.

You may also find yourself in a worse team, but at least you did something. Never just get accustomed to a bad team, look for a better team and better people. This is how you grow in the corporate world.  


Yes, if anyone raises his/her voice at you in the office, your voice should be louder: this will not be taught by most of the career coaches.

Yes, we should be nice, humble, well-spoken and well-behaved in your office life, but when it is time to raise your voice, you raise it.  

Though we all hesitate to raise voice or make a complaint, it works as a blessing in disguise not just for the individual but also for the whole company.


This is not the last option, but one of the options. Quitting a job and taking another should be a normal practice for a growth-minded employee.

Yes, be a growth-minded employee and never be an emotional one.

You can be as much emotional and touchy person in your personal life as you want, but office life is completely a different world.

In your office life, if you are not a growth-oriented person, you would fail.

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