There are some enlightened people in the world who have mastered anger management tips and are always at peace. Until you become that, you have to take some baby steps to calm your anger and go on in life. To experience the beauty of life, you got to solve the problem that arises from anger.

Anger management: 10 tips to tame your temper – Mayo Clinic

Though anger is bad, it helps in shaping our personality as well. But, it is rightly said: Too much of anything is bad. Anger has worked as a defence mechanism since the early days of humanity. Anger has helped the hunter-gatherers protect themselves from the enemy. They also needed some amount of anger to kill the predictor or animal for food.

So never get depressed again just because you were not able to control your anger. Perhaps you would never be able to get rid of your anger, and it may remain with you for life. All you can do is protect yourself from the harm of anger. By anger management you can improve your life quality; you can make it more meaningful.

Anger Management Strategies to Calm You Down Fast


This is an old Buddhist method of controlling your anger, the most effective one.

Witnessing your anger is all about knowing your anger; doing the post-mortem of your anger. Try to know why anger arose. What’s the purpose of it? Is it really necessary? Is this anger harming me? Is it causing any physical pain in my body? Is it burning me from inside?

If you don’t ask yourself these questions, the anger becomes mechanical. It would go on and on, out of your control. It would only end until you harm yourself or others. So don’t let anger become mechanical, witness it and switch off the button. It would surely require a little practice. You would soon succeed in witnessing your anger.

Anger Management Techniques and Tips – WebMD

We stay away from things that harm us. Anger harms us. But we generally don’t realize that. Once you realize that anger harms you, you automatically develop a self-defence mechanism in you against anger. All you need is a little practice to witness your anger, and realize that anger harms you.


The breathing techniques have been criticized by many for its impracticality, I myself was a big critic of it. But after giving it a try, I became a fan of it. It does work.

Breathing techniques are basic methods of bringing you back to the present. It connects you to the ‘now’. When you hold your breath for a few seconds your mind sends signals that forget everything, your past or future, and save your life by taking breaths.

The moment you enter into the present, you come out of your matrix. When you are not living in your matrix (past and future), you are living in “now”. “Now” is the place you should live in. And, the now tells you that there is no need of being angry at anything or anyone.

So, try doing two things: witness your anger, and do breathe in-breathe out. It would hardly take two minutes of yours to control your anger.

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