Dealing With Depression And Unhappiness: A New Approach

Thankfully, our modern society, the corporate world, and even the common individuals have started talking about the cases of mental health and depression more seriously and positively. The good thing about this case is that we don’t need to panic about it. The more we talk about this subject the more awareness and solution we […]

Things to Do to Deal with Three Months Notice Period: Sunny Mishra Style

You must have come across various opinions and thoughts and ideas on how to deal with three months notice period, but Software Engineer Sunny Mishra has something thoughtful to share. I being a recruiter, approve of his idea. The trick is recruiters don’t like to see three months notice period, but they get easily duped […]

Defeat a Bad Boss and Win Colleagues Support: Office Story

My friend John Doe is just like other millions of office goers. He works for 9 to 10 hours every day, and sometimes on weekends too. He takes his job seriously. He is a performer. His boss likes him, though John, like other good employees, hardly cares about that. Recently, John got a different Manager […]

Facts and Myths About Royal Enfield Motorcycles: Personal Experience And Observations

Everybody seems to have some opinion about Royal Enfield motorcycles these days. It’s obvious, you cannot ignore this legendary motorcycle; and legends have got stories about them: some facts, some fiction. Without further ado, let’s see what we talk and hear about these motorcycles, and check their validity: Royal Enfield Motorcycles are Too Heavy  Well, […]