HR Discussion: How Do You Control ‘Offer Declines’ As a Recruiter?

Hi, I’ve been working as a recruiter for many years with a recruitment firm. Recently I went for an interview where I had applied for a Sr. recruiter positon. There, the interviewer asked me: how do you control your offer declines as a recruiter? Though I’ve been into this field for many years, I fumbled […]

No, Jawa Motorcycles Cannot Kill Royal Enfield

‘Time will tell’, they said. Now the time has told: no, Jawa motorcycles cannot kill Royal Enfield motorcycles. The sales statistics, as well as the motorcycle enthusiasts, have now substantiated the fact that Royal Enfield cannot be destroyed in the Indian market so easily. In this topic, I’m not going to touch the boring sales […]

Performed Well in Interview, Still Got Rejected: Why?

Never get surprised if you get rejected after attending a satisfying interview. Interviews are unpredictable. Recruiters and hiring managers usually make the mistake of hiring the wrong guy. As a recruiter, I can say hiring a new guy is like purchasing a ‘product’. And this ‘product’ is not furniture; it has got a mind of […]

Interview Went Well… But Still Waiting. Should I Ask for the Feedback?

QUESTION: I had attended an interview two days back. I finished all the technical rounds; the interview went well. I even had a discussion with the HR manager and CEO. After completing everything, the HR personnel told me that the feedback shall be shared on the next day, so I could leave for the day. […]


Message from a friend of mine: Hey bro, I’m quite worried now. I have secured a good job offer, and I have to join it in 30 days, but my current organization wouldn’t leave me before 45 days. I also referred my current company’s offer letter which, to my surprise, it says my official notice […]