The Enchanting Barabar Caves | The Marabar Caves of ‘A Passage to India’

The place Barabar Caves is not a popular tourist spot, but its lesser-known popularity is the thing which makes it mystical and more attractive. The Riding Techie has reached Barabar Caves, the caves that are the inspiration behind E.M. Foster’s novel: A passage to India. The Indian province of Bihar itself is a mystical place. Despite […]

A Struggler’s Advice on How to Improve Spoken English

In India, English is not just a language for conversation, it has become a tool for showing one’s confidence, smartness, intelligence, and manners. Your English speaking abilities tell a lot about you, your personality, and the impressions you make in day to day life. In our country, fortunately, or unfortunately, one can easily make a mark of impression […]

TAREK FATAH | Who Is Tarek Fatah |What Tarek Fatah Wants

​ TAREK FATAH |  Who Is Tarek Fatah |What Tarek Fatah Wants   “His continuous hate-mongering coupled with utterly nonsensical statements found him an untapped constituency in India- a country that’s experienced phenomenal rise in the right-wing ideology since BJP coming to power in May 2014.” Rifat Jawaid,   If anyone can answer this […]