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Covid-19 Layoffs and Desperation- Life’s Still Good!

You should’ve lost your job, or might be on the verge of losing it, and you can’t help it. Coronavirus is hitting the industries hard across the globe. We all, more or less, will be affected by it. But, that’s ALRIGHT!

The current pandemic situation is definitely not the end of the world. Yes, Coronavirus does bring some important changes in human behavior and lifestyle. I say this: witness to the CHANGE, and you would notice we’ve already adapted to the change.

Coronavirus could be anything but surely not the time to despair. It’s time to take courage. It’s time to ponder over our lifestyle, our necessities, our emotional patterns, and the purpose of our JOB.

  • Lost My Job, Now What

The purpose of life doesn’t end with the loss of your job. Your job is just a tool to keep the fire kindled. You work to save some money for future emergencies; this the emergency time now. Even if you have not saved much, you would survive, human beings have always survived, you know that.

  • Prepare For Interviews

I’m a recruiter. I’ve worked for small and big organizations. What I’ve noticed is job seekers want a job, but they don’t prepare for interviews. I see some experienced candidates completely trashing the interview preparation; they crash poorly in the interviews despite being a perfect candidate for the role. Precisely, when soldiers are not fighting, they practice.

  • Spend A Low Budget Holiday

You’d not get a better chance than this. There are some people who are making the best of this pandemic time. They are going to the countryside and exposing themselves to other aspects of life. I see people knowing the wild nature and wilderness for the first time.

  • LinkedIn May Not Help

LinkedIn is just another social media platform. It’s not very different from Facebook or Twitter. Yeah, that’s right, it’s for professionals and their irrelevant nonsenses. Most of them would be feeding their ego of ‘achievements’ and bragging shamelessly: not a healthy sign for personal growth. Sorry for being harsh!

  • Set The Right Definition of Success

You must understand the definition of success. How do you define success? Ask this question to yourself. Let me put the definition of success in the simplest words: if you are content with your life, you are successful. But if you want to achieve something at the cost of your peace of mind, you are not successful.

  • Peace of Mind is Everything

It is indeed everything especially in an industrial crisis like Coronavirus pandemic. You may have lost your job, if you have not lost your hope, you are indeed successful. You may have lost your job but if you are still able to feed and shelter yourself, you indeed are successful.

  • Create Something Important of Your Own

Remember, your job, designation, salary, or prestige has nothing to do with your success. Your job, designation, salary, and respect are given to you by others; they will take it back whenever they want. Create something of your own, something like… your own happiness. Everlasting, independent happiness.

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