Defeat a Bad Boss and Win Colleagues Support: Office Story

My friend John Doe is just like other millions of office goers. He works for 9 to 10 hours every day, and sometimes on weekends too. He takes his job seriously. He is a performer. His boss likes him, though John, like other good employees, hardly cares about that.

Recently, John got a different Manager to report to. He had heard rumors about this bad manager; people say that he is a real badass manager. Some of John’s colleagues were really afraid of this new manager. But, John is cool about it. He knows how to survive the corporate jungle. 

John knows the mantra: Do your job, get paid, and go home!

Jack A, John’s new badass manager, had scheduled a team meeting on Monday at 11 am. The usual meaningless meeting happened as scheduled.

As expected, Jack A tried to dominate the meeting, and he did. Everybody played safe and kept silent. The meeting was nothing more than a threat session from Jack A. 

John Doe didn’t like it. He wrote an email to Jack A, and marked CEO and COO in CC. Here is the mail:

Dear Jack A,

This mail is about the team meeting we had this morning. I want to say that the meeting was quite meaningless as you didn’t allow us to share our ideas and the roadmaps for our future endeavors. 

Also, I found your attitude in the meeting very unpleasant, and somewhat abusive in some manners. I talked to my colleagues, and they feel the same about it. The way you talked to me was not just in a threatening tone, but was also humiliating. What do you really mean by ‘I will catch you neck’!

I hope, you would brush up on some soft skills and be less abusive, threatening and humiliating in our next meeting. This way, we would be able to share and invent more ideas. And, in the end, we all would be more productive.

Best of Regards,

John Doe.

This was it. Jack A could not bear it. He already was a weak personality with a poor attitude. He felt threatened and finally quit his job after a few days.

Lesson: Don’t be a badass at your workplace, its weakness. Nobody likes a badass guy in the office. Being disliked by others is a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Be nice to others and your colleagues in particular. If people in the office know you as a nice guy, you should know yourself as a successful guy.

By being a productive guy in the office, you may attract someone’s jealousy or enmity, which is not really a bad thing; but, by being a nice guy you would win friendship and support, and ultimately- success.

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