Everybody seems to have some opinion about Royal Enfield motorcycles these days. It’s obvious, you cannot ignore this legendary motorcycle; and legends have got stories about them: some facts, some fiction.

Without further ado, let’s see what we talk and hear about these motorcycles, and check their validity:

  1. Royal Enfield Motorcycles are Too Heavy 

Well, not exactly! Yes, it’s true these machines weigh about 200kg or more, but they are designed to obey you when you ride them.

I am an ex Bajaj Avenger and Pulsar rider, they weigh under 150kg. I’ve also ridden 100cc and 125cc motorcycles; guess what, I find these lighter motorcycle more unstable and difficult to carry than these so-called heavy motorcycles.

You will find Royal Enfield motorcycles heavy only for a month or two. The more time you spend with the machine, the more control you gain over it.

Wait till your first servicing of your motorcycle, and then you’d feel more control and balance over it.

A person weighing above 55kg should not worry much about the weight of these motorcycles. Just try to spend more time with your machines, things will change positively.

2. Royal Enfield Motorcycles are The Best for Long Rides

No, it’s not true. It’s not true at all. Royal Enfield motorcycles, indeed, are one of the most unreliable motorcycles in the market.

These old fashioned motorcycles don’t have those modern technologies and standards that Japanese sports motorcycles have got.

Royal Enfield motorcycle engines cannot be compared with the engines of Honda’s or Suzuki’s or Yamaha’s.

Royal Enfield motorcycles still don’t have modern features such as digital speedometer, Fuel gauge, clock, etc.

Royal Enfield motorcycles don’t even need them, because it’s a vintage and retro style motorcycle, this way we all like it.

3. Royal Enfield Motorcycles are Slow

Well, it is somewhat true. Despite its 350cc engine, it is not much faster than any 150cc modern Motorcycles such as Yamaha’s and Honda’s. Even Pulsar 150 is faster than Royal Enfield Motorcycles.

However, a riding enthusiast wouldn’t mind the lack of power or speed as these Motorcycles are not designed for speed or racing.

4. Maintenance and Servicing Costs are too High

It just depends! It depends upon your riding style and the way you maintain your motorcycle. In my opinion, the so-called high maintenance cost should not be a cause of worry for Royal Enfield owners.

I’ve heard a lot about the so-called high maintenance and servicing costs of Royal Enfield Motorcycles that sounds discouraging to new owners or buyers. But, considering the motorcycle’s retro finish and high CC engine, the maintenance and servicing cost is justifiable.

5. Royal Enfield Motorcycles Grab People’s Attention

Well, when I had bought my Royal Enfield Signals (sandstorm), I had grabbed some attention on the road. Signals editions, especially the sand color, reflect an attractive macho look, which may not be true with all the models.

Attracting or trying to attract people’s attention by riding Royal Enfield Motorcycles is a little exaggeration, and not a smart thing to do. But, yes these motorcycles do have their significance road presence that you might expect.

6. Royal Enfield Motorcycles Break Down a Lot

Hmmm… This subject is a little tricky. It’s true, though, that Royal Enfield Motorcycles are not as modern as Yamahas and Suzukis, buy complaining that these motorcycles break down a lot might be a little exaggeration.

My motorcycle has not broken down in six months, but my friend says his one has broken down multiple times. Well…my friend is a very well built guy and rides a little rashly. He’s not a guy who’s fond of motorcycles.