Interview Went Well… But Still Waiting. Should I Ask for the Feedback?


I had attended an interview two days back. I finished all the technical rounds; the interview went well.

I even had a discussion with the HR manager and CEO. After completing everything, the HR personnel told me that the feedback shall be shared on the next day, so I could leave for the day.

Now two days have passed, and I’m still waiting to hear from them. What could possibly have happened? Have I been rejected?

I don’t understand, why I should not be called after the interview that went so well. Should I call them and check for the status? Maybe, they would have forgotten me.


No, they would have forgotten you just like that!

Not being shortlisted after performing well in an interview is quite normal. It is very logical as well.

The thing is hundreds of people compete for one open position, so obviously, 99 have to get rejected in the interview process.

It is also correct that all those 99 who got rejected could have been better choices. And, maybe, the one who gets the job is the worst of selection.

We HR Personnel usually come across such cases. But this is how recruitment works.

We have to reject people: many people, indeed. And you thinking that you were the most suitable guy in the room is understandable.

The company may have made a bad mistake by not selecting you. There are lots of good and bad reasons to reject candidates.

Sometimes, even the interviewers are not qualified to take someone’s interview. You could be rejected on your dressing sense or hairstyle.

Interviewers reject someone just because they were not getting good vibes from the candidates.

You may get rejected just because the interviewer sensed that you were better than him. Or, you were more handsome than him.

You never know about the deep-rooted prejudices of human beings.

Well, the question is what could one do in case one didn’t get selected or how long one should wait for the feedback?

Well, the answer is one should never wait for any feedback and move on with other opportunities around.

If you really want to know what really happened in the interview that you were not called back, then maybe, you should write them a mail.

Calling the recruiter for the feedback is not a good idea. They would always have some handy answer to tell you like we’d update you soon. And you can’t blame them for that.

Wring an email is the best thing you can do to follow up. Your mail should not be too long or verbose.

Just add a few sentences reminding them about your interview, and asking for feedback.

Good recruiters will always reply with the exact feedback, though they may play with words because ‘reject’ word sounds so harsh.

Also, not all recruiters will reply to you. Most may just ignore your mail, and some may just ask you to wait further.

Remember, interviews are more about rejection than selection.

So just don’t get disheartened if you couldn’t make it to a position hundreds were competing for.  

All you should do is prepare for the next interview and the next interview.

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