A Struggler’s Advice on How to Improve Spoken English

In India, English is not just a language for conversation, it has become a tool for showing one’s confidence, smartness, intelligence, and manners.

Your English speaking abilities tell a lot about you, your personality, and the impressions you make in day to day life.

In our country, fortunately, or unfortunately, one can easily make a mark of impression just by speaking fluently in English.

People tell us stories of being treated royally and differently just because they could speak English confidently.

We most Indians are good at our studies, thanks to our upbringing culture. We are known for our Mathematical skills, and skills of speaking various languages.

In India, every third person can speak English, thus this country is one of the largest English speaking countries.

But the thing is we most Indians can’t speak English confidently. The condition of guys from states such as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, etc., is not cool.



Well, I’m a guy from Bihar. I never touched English until my graduation in Political Science. When I had to find employment for myself,  I migrated to another state. We most Biharis, unfortunately, move to other states in search of employment.

Ironically, guys with good English move to the south, and guys with poor English move to the north.

I moved to Bangalore, though my English was terrible. But, surprisingly, my grammar and vocabulary skills were pretty much impressive then.

Many of my friends had appreciated my grammar and vocabulary. But they never appreciated my spoken English, I could sense that.

Well, over a period of time, I could improve my spoken English. But the process almost made me almost crazy.


It was not just a lengthy process, but also a terribly slow process.

If you think you would wake un a morning and you would be able to speak fluent English, you are still dreaming in your sleep.

I don’t intend to dishearten you, but you better be prepared for a boring and tedious learning process.

Well, I certainly can share a few quick tips to help you in making your spoken English learning process much easier.


  1. Fill Yourself with Confidence

Indeed, confidence is the key, not your grammar. If you show your confidence while speaking, there would be little chances of your English being monitored by the listener. People will not care about your English-speaking skills if you think you are confident while speaking.

Poor confidence makes conversation awkward, and the awkwardness takes over you. Once, you become the victim of awkwardness, you will never be able to talk properly to anyone.

So, come out of this awkwardness, and fill yourself with confidence.

Tips to Build Confidence while Talking In English

Confidence is nothing but a perception or a state of mind. You can increase or decrease your confidence level just by changing or diverting your state of mind. It could be as easier as changing your direction of thinking.

Increase your confidence by taking and leaving three deep breaths.

Stop thinking about anything for a moment. Feel as though you are filled with the juice of positiveness. Bring a mild smile on your face.

Stop all negative things that make you sad or dull, and bring all those positive things that are going to bring changes in your life.

This is how you fill yourself with confidence. Once you are filled with confidence, you would be in a much better position or state of mind to speak, especially when you are going to communicate in English.

2. Forget English Grammar While Speaking

You cannot speak English while trying to make your sentences grammatically correct. Don’t involve in editing while speaking. Editing happens while writing not while speaking.


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When you are speaking English, focus on your message what you are conveying. Focusing on your grammar will make your speaking quality poor.

3. Give Time to Your Grammar Study

Though you should not mind your grammar while speaking, you must give a separate time to your grammar.

You can also speak English fluently without grammar, but the importance of grammar doesn’t have any substitute. Importance of grammar is undeniable.

Grammar helps!


4. What/Listen to BBC and CNN to Learn English

No kidding, listening to BBC and CNN every day for an hour for thirty days does the magic. This trick is tried and tested.

Listening to BBC or CNN works with your psychology. It instills the technique of making sentences, style of speaking and thinking process in your head.

Over a period, you will see that you unintentionally tend to speak like those news readers. And it does sound good.

And yes, stop imitating some of those irritating and noisy news anchors on the Indian television.

5. Do Not Imitate Foreign English Accent

Imitating foreign accent, whether it is American or British, is not going to help you at all. Instead, it will make you a laughing stock. Faking accent while speaking English is a very silly and stupid thing to do. It shows your ignorance.

6. Speak English A Little Louder

If you are an introvert or shy by nature, increase your voice while speaking English. It will boost your confidence, and listeners will be paying more attention to you.

By speaking in a low pitch, you will not just lose your necessary confidence to speak English, but you will also create an embarrassing situation for your listeners. The listeners also may ask you to repeat yourself, and this will decrease your confidence further.

7. Watch TV Series And Movies With Subtitles

Yes, it does help tremendously. I would rather recommend the TV series than English movies. The TV series have lighter sentences, easier English, and more colloquial expressions. Whereas, English of movies is more compact and fast-paced.


I would love to recommend some TV series to you, and these are Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, John Adams, American Horror Stories, American Crime Stories, etc.

8. Practice! Practice! And, Practice!

Unfortunately, there is no substitute for Practice. Practice, indeed, makes men perfect. Mastering any language is a lifetime process. You can learn more and more with every passing day, not all.


I still work on my grammar and English speaking skills. I’ve not mastered it; I may not master is in my whole life. I can just make my English much better with the passing time.


And, finally never say anything stupid like English is not my cup of tea. And never lose hope on your English.

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