How To Find The Right Job After College: An HR Guy’s Opnion

Our happiness revolves around the job we do, and the money we generate from it. Employment is everything; it’s the backbone of our lives. It’s the backbone of our economy.


We spend more than 15 years of our life to attain the formal education which is supposed to determine our career.

If you are not cautious in schooling you will end up making some mistakes in choosing your career and your occupation.


Well, I guess you’ve already made some mistakes in your career, and now you are trying to fix it and find some solution reading this article.


I’m an HR Professional, and I spend most of my time recruiting IT professionals. After spending five years in this field, I guess, I’m eligible to share my ideas helpful in our job-hunting procedures.


Before going ahead, I should tell you that your educational qualifications and in-house training are not going to be an absolute help in finding the right job.


The good thing is we can choose whatever profession we like, and make our life happy.



Yes guys, you have to be cocksure about the job you want, and you think you are going to pursue for long- maybe for whole life.

Please be advised: do the job that you can enjoy, and bring good money. If you enjoy working as a customer care executive, and take hundred calls a day, stick to it. But you know what, you are not going to make good money; and if you don’t make good money, you will be a loser in your life. Sounds harsh! I’m sorry.


So, mark up a job that you think you can enjoy and that can bring in good money for sure. Sometimes, you will find your job boring, but good at minting money.


In this case, stick to your boring job, because the money can be the answer to your boredom. Plus, you can do lots of things to turn your boring job into an exciting one.



Now, since you’ve decided about what you are going to choose as your career, do every possible thing to beautify your CV or resume accordingly.


Your CV is a printed version of you. Always keep your resume well formatted, well written and updated of all necessary requisites. Highlight your educational qualifications, your goals, past achievements, your current/past roles & projects. And most importantly, your interesting hobbies and passions.



Just uploading your CV or resume on various job portals is not enough to get you the right job.

You would not be getting relevant calls and emails matching your interest, until you spend some time fine tuning your profile on job postals.

You can optimize your profile as per the guidance of the job portals, but there are a few points which are very important, regardless of your job portals.

The most important segment of any job portal is the KEYWORDS section. Keywords are very important to mention in the KEYWORDS sections of a job portal.

A job seeker should always try to think of important Keywords in his/her field, and use them more wisely.

A software engineer should not ignore strong Keywords such as: Algorithm, data structure, object oriented programming, multithreading, product development, coding, etc. You, being a software engineer or not, can think of more such Keywords related to your occupation.

You should mention those powerful Keywords even though you may not have used them. This, at least, will help your profile in being shortlisted by a recruiter.



If your communication skills are rated as excellent, you can apply for any job in the world, except for the Rocket Science Engineer… Well, just kidding. But, I hope you got the message I wanted to convey: communication skill is one of the most important factors which affect your job hunting.


Thankfully, unlike singing skills, communication skills could be improved easily. Not everyone is born with remarkable communicative skills.

Some may take a month’s training and some may take a year’s training to improve communication skills, but everyone can improve his/her communication skills.

There are many tips and guidelines to improve one’s communication skills. The most important part of the communication skills is CONFIDENCE. Confidence is nothing but a perception or a state of mind.


You can increase or decrease your confidence level just by changing or diverting your perception or state of mind. It could be as easier as changing your direction of thinking.




There are hundreds of employment agencies and job consultancy firms out there. Some are genuine, and some are scammers. There is one simple formula to avoid being scammed by employment agencies: No Money from The Applicant.

Never, never and never pay any money to any employment agencies or consultancy firms for placement. They may ask you for money in the form of registration fee, job notification, or service charges; but never pay anything from your pocket. In fact, you are supposed to contact law authorities if you come across such scams around you.


The genuine employment agencies and job consulting firms make their money only by charging their clients / companies where they have business contracts.




One of the biggest mistakes that job searchers make is that they don’t spend time on the interview preparations. Don’t go to attend any important interview without some formal preparations, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to answer even simple questions like: tell me about yourself.


Take a notebook and a pen and write down all those answers of the questions that could be asked in the interview the next day. If you are running out of time, take the help of internet. There are numerous generic and specific questions and answers designed for the interviews.




I’m a recruiter, I know very well that candidates tend to skip interviews citing some fake and some genuine reasons. Some of the candidates go all creative to cancel or postpone their interviews. Well, this is understandable, after all interviews are boring and pesky processes.


But, try not to skip any scheduled interviews with your silly reasons, for you do not know which interview could click for you and change your life forever.


Also, attending interviews is a kind of learning process, the more interviews you attend, the more you learn about the interviews.  This, indeed, helps you in cracking the next interviews.




The world today is highly competitive, and you got to keep yourself trained and updated of all needed skills as a backup plan. Because, you cannot rely on one job forever.


There might be a time when your current job or employment could become irrelevant to you and your needs. You got to keep a backup plan in case of job loss, and you know the best about your backup plan, so keep working on it.


Good Luck, Guys!

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