When I was young and in school, I used to fondly hear interesting interviews stories generally from the Civil Services examinations. After all, the Civil Services was everything back then for the job aspirants.

As far as I can remember, most of the interview stories back then were quite funny and stupid in nature. Of course, those rumored interview questions were meaningless.

Time has changed, so have the interview stories.  The interview questions have changed and become more sophisticated. Interviewers have become smarter; they know what they are asking, and what they should be asking.

But again, there are some interviewers who are still suffering from ‘colonial hangover’.  They sometimes confuse themselves with someone with better or superior intelligence. And in this confusion, they forget about interview etiquettes and ask some really stupid questions. Let’s have a look at those interview questions.

Stupid Question Number 1: Tell me about three weaknesses and three strengths of yours.

We are human beings, so we have got, indeed, more than three weaknesses and strengths, which one you want to know of? This question is also stupid because no one tells his/her actual weaknesses and strengths. In fact, no one should.  In most cases, the interviewee comes with some weird and cooked up stories and tries to be politically correct. A person’s weaknesses and strengths are personal or private matter, no one should question about it, at least in interviews.

Stupid Question Number 2: How/Where do you see yourself after five years from now?

A candidate had rightly said that I’d like to see myself in your seat after five years. Because a stupid question requires a stupid answer. No one should be interested in my future plannings and goals. The interviewers should be interested in the company’s future and, more importantly, his own future, not someone else’s future. Most importantly, the interviewer should worry about candidate’s suitability in current requirements.

Stupid Question Number 3: You have done your graduation in Political Science, Tell me how many articles are in the Indian Constitution?

What the hell man, I had done my graduation five years ago, and I’m applying for a sales job! Now I know nothing about the constitution and the federal structure of our county anymore. It would be more interesting and meaningful if you ask why I’m looking for jobs in sales after doing graduation in Political Science/Chemistry/History.

Stupid Question Number 4: Could you sing me a song or tell me joke?

No, your majesty. I’m not going to sing a song or crack a joke for your entertainment, because you are under hallucination of your authority. Ask me about my sales strategy, my coding skills or my teaching skills, but please do not expect me to entertain you just because I’m in a need of a job.

Stupid Question Number 5: Are you Married?

Well, in European and American countries, a candidate’s marital status is considered a private matter. The same applies to gender and sexual orientation. But, in India, the condition is really bad. One of my old managers openly brags about an interview where he asked if the candidate had any girlfriend, and how he caught the candidate’s lies about his girlfriends. We used to grin to his story; we had to save our jobs, for we had no other choices.

Stupid Question Number 6: Which political party do you support?

I could be a right-winger or a left-winger, or a liberal. My social or political ideology doesn’t really matter in an interview. Ideologies and religion create bases for differences and can hurt sentiments, so let’s avoid such topics in interviews.

Stupid Question Number 7: Asking Logical & Reasoning riddles.

Like, there is no practical use of algebra in real life, asking logical and reasoning questions have got no meaning in interviews. I could be worst at solving riddles, but I am a way better sales/marketing guy. No one should be judged on his IQ or riddles solving abilities.

The crux of the matter is, in interviews, no one should ask irrelevant questions. Only those questions should be asked which have a real connection with the job profile. Yes, we can ask about one’s family and other such matters indirectly only after having a good conversation.

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