Life without a job is not easy. It is not easy here in India, America or anywhere in the world. But you know what: it’s not worthless either. Life without a job is worth living.

Life without a job exposes us to a new world. To new dimensions. We must live a life without a job. It teaches an important lesson of life that is living in a survival mode.

I would never suggest one to leave a job on intention. But, it sometimes happens. We find ourselves in a period when there is no job.



After my graduation, I got myself a job in BPO industry. I had no other option, but to get a job. I had no time to waste.

While I was doing this boring and tedious job in BPO, I realized that this job is really boring and tedious. Personally, I don’t suggest anyone make a career in BPO. It’s a fragile and poor industry.

So, I one day I woke up and decided not to go to the office. If you don’t go to the office your team lead will kill you next day. I didn’t go to the office even the next day.

I got a call from my team lead on the third day. I disconnected his call. And thus I became one of the jobless guys in the world.

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This world of joblessness is a spiritual world. It transforms you from inside and from outside as well. You are free in this world.

Someday you wake up at six in the morning and go for a morning walk. Someday you wake up at ten o’clock and lay calm in your bed as long as you wish.

You become a sadhu. You wash yourself, but don’t care wearing good clothes every day. You begin spending minimum as you automatically get into a survival mode.

Your mind tells you what to buy, and what not to buy. It tells you what necessity is and what luxury is. You give up the luxury.

In this period your read more, you write more. This is the best period to garnish your hobbies and do things that interest you.

In this period I had become a good cartoonist as I had started to draw once again after ages. I still have those sketches with me. They bring me smile and appreciations from friends.

You suddenly realize that you have got lots of time. And the time is passing very slowly. Things are happening in slow motion.

It’s the time when you call your high school friends and have a satisfying conversation. You let them know that you are not in a job and have taken a break.

You let them know how you feel about good old memories. You ask them if you can meet on a weekend. And you meet them finally after a very long time. That moment you feel the gratefulness to your joblessness.

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When you start running out of your money and find it difficult to fulfil your needs you think about coming back to the job world. It’s good, indeed. A man must do a job.

Getting a job is not an easy task. You may attend a countless number of interviews and come back home empty hand in the evening. Believe me, that evening would be a very satisfying and calm evening.

You wake up next morning fully charged to hit another interview somewhere. You do it almost every day.  As I said finding a new job after quitting an old one is not an easy task.

And finally, after a long time, you find an okay-ish job. You do this job with great enthusiasm. You’ve now come out of this sadhu life.

And then, you exactly know how to grow further in your career.

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