LifeStyle: Things That One Should be Eating As A Good Minimalist

You, sir, are not a good minimalist if you are not eating as a good minimalist eat. Remember, minimalists don’t need to eat less, but healthy and easily available.

There are criteria on what a minimalist should eat, and what he/she should avoid. Let’s keep things random and simple about things, I mean food, that we should not eat first-

Pizza: A minimalist most not eat pizza even on weekends. pizza is made of bad stuff, like refined flour, lots of artificial edible substances, preservatives, oil, etc. Pizzas require lots of time to be made, and they are made by hotel guys; not recommended for minimalists.

Burger: This thing is even worse than pizzas. This food is laden with lots of unhealthy substances that help you look like a burger over a period of time. A minimalist should not eat food that cannot be made or prepared or cooked by himself.

Biryani: This Indian subcontinent food is spreading around the globe now. It’s filling, it’s spicy, it’s tasty, and it’s full of carbs. Carb is an enemy of good health. More importantly, it takes lots of time and expertise to make it. The minimalists obviously don’t cook food that takes time and expertise to make.

Ice creams & Cakes: Tons of carbohydrates and artificial colors make ice creams and cakes seriously unhealthy thing to relish. No further explanation is required!

Bread and Bread Spread: Bread these days have become unhealthier. Bread manufacturers are adding more and more preservatives to make their products look fresh for a longer duration. The same thing goes with bread Spreads like peanut butter, Nutella, etc. Remember again- these things are filled with lots of preservatives, artificial colors, acidity regulator, and SUGAR (up to 70%).

Cold Drinks: Cold Drinks are sweet, tasty and chilled. But, they are pure sugar. They add so much sugar that one would throw up if the acidity regulator and suppressants are not used in them.

Well, if I conclude in a line: stay away from carbohydrates, other chemical stuff such as acidity regulator, thickener, preservatives, artificial colors, and sweeteners. Our body needs a lesser amount of carbohydrates and no chemicals.

Things That We Minimalists Should Eat-

More and More Meat: Meat is the greatest source of natural protein. Our ancestors have survived only on meat for millions of years. The vegetable was not our (Homo Sapiens) primary or natural food. It took hundreds of years to select a plant as safe food. Most of the plants were and are poisonous. Our ancestors had a difficult time selecting between poisonous and nonpoisonous plants, but they had no fear of meat. The could kill any living thing and eat it without fearing about poison. So as a Minimalist, you must shift to meat. Most of your meals should include only meat.

I’m not against eating vegetables and fruits, yes they are healthy, full of nutritions, source of good carbs, and most importantly fiber for our healthy internal organs. But, when I talk about eating non-veg, I mean only vegetables and fruits. I’m strictly against rice, wheat, and corn. When our ancestors quit Hunter gathering and shifted to farming, they began falling sick, because they were growing rice, wheat, and corn.

More and More Vegetables: Vegetables that are available now are generally safe to eat, thanks to early Homo Sapiens. Poisonous vegetables have been weeded out long ago by our ancestors. They are not just a great source or vitamins and minerals, but they are the only source of fiber. Fibers make us go to the toilet every morning. Simply put: eat more and more vegetables, they are essentials for good health. But stay away from the grains and vegetables that are grown by harmful fertilizers.

Eat Eggs: Eggs are perhaps the best friend of the Minimalists. They are easy to cook and full of nutrition. Sometimes they may turn boring, but minimalism also may turn boring- this is how we like it.

Coffee, obviously: the minimalists drink no other drinks but coffee. More and more of it. Coffee doesn’t only boost the energy level, but also provides the minimal need for carbohydrates in the form of sugar. Most importantly, it suppresses unwanted hunger pangs, the enemy of the minimalists.
Long Live Minimalism!!

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