Blog: The Myth of Motivation

I tell you a fact: ‘Motivation’ is the most abused and harassed word by our grumpy looking bosses and geeky CEOs. 

In this age of cutthroat competitions, the word Motivation has become the most adored word of our ‘highly motivated’ and ‘motivation oriented’ bosses. Figuratively, they eat motivation everyday in their breakfasts, and sleep pulling the blanket of motivation. And spend the whole day in motivation. Unfortunately, we cannot buy motivation in the market, but it is as essential as food, water and shelter. How do you imagine a person without motivation? As a pathetic loser who spends his life aimlessly (like animals) and dies without gaining any name & fame, or precisely, money? More or less, yes! By the way, why is this motivation so serious?

I tell you a fact: ‘Motivation’ is the most abused and harassed word by our grumpy looking bosses and geeky CEOs. They eat ‘motivation’ and excrete (I’m not supposed to use the other word) ‘motivation’. They are so messed up with the word ‘motivation’ that they have forgotten the true meaning, value and vastness of motivation. They motivate us in meetings, in conversation, at lunch, and while driving. They endeavor to instill motivation in our bodies as though someone blows air into balloons. The most upsetting part of the conversation is when they say ‘you should motivate yourself’. So, now you see that they themselves are not so motivated that they could motivate others without saying ‘motivate yourself’. Now the fact is your boss can never ‘motivate’ you.

Boss’s Motivation is Different from Employee’s

The thing which motivates boss doesn’t motivate employees. Bosses should know it; employees know it already. The boss who tries to motivate his employees by telling the stories of Napoleon and Abraham Lincoln are fools. Yes, I said ‘fool’, because I’m not supposed to use the word A***le. By the way, you are not ‘supposed’ to say or do many things in offices, and you are ‘supposed’ to be reminded of it by your boss frequently because the corporate world runs on lots of ‘supposition’. I was also not supposed to ask my boss ‘sir, how am I supposed to get motivated if you pay me the same salary even after two years?’. Then I realized my boss had taken my word seriously when, in the interview, I had told him ‘it is not the salary which motivates employees’. Well, you see I have been doing my job for two years at the same salary. You see, money couldn’t motivate me – to jump to another job.

Money Does Motivate, But Not Always

I know a guy who was highly motivated by money and incentives what he earned. He worked and worked and worked. Do you know what happened to this poor guy? His motivation was bought by some other company. I do believe, very soon he’ll get a better client than the current one. It’s vicious circle; he’s enjoying it. There was another guy who was not so lucky; he was thrown out of the company because he didn’t reach the target, and didn’t deserve the sumptuous salary. Then he realized that the motivation by money is not all, there is also something which is called ‘job security’. By the way, that enlightened guy was… me.

Is Job Security Really Motivating Me?

Here at my new office, it’s very warm and easy-going. The job is as good as a clerk’s job – everyday, the same thing. There is no fuss, no confusion, no tension, no pesky rule & regulations… but the lesser salary. However, I don’t feel like quitting this place, I want to go on with this job. It feels like something – something motivating in nature. Yes, it does feel like motivating.

Moral of the story: don’t take life so seriously, because it’s funny in nature. And you cannot become Bill Gates by working hard; it is the losers like me who run the show.

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How to Survive Corporate World and Office Life

Let’s accept the fact that surviving corporate life has never been easy for anyone. Corporate life can affect your personal life and mental health in a negative way if it’s not dealt with wisely.

If you have ever cried in your office because of your work or someone’s action, then things have to be changed immediately.



It is the third time Mohan, my good colleague, is about to be fired. He’s a good person – loyal and hardworking, of course. But, he is about to be fired again. Well, he has informed only me about this “firing business” of his.

He blames his fate and the circle of Karma for all this mess. He may decide upon visiting a temple and making offerings to gods. But, is it going to help? No, of course, no!

Having faith in God and the circle of Karma is a good thing, but in this world of cut-throat competitions save your Faith and Karma only for life hereafter.

So, how can Mr. Mohan come out of the vicious circle of Karma or his feeble faith in God which keeps him on the verge of being fired?


  • Come out of your emotions at office

I myself am a sentimental person. Being an emotional person is not bad unless it is a medical condition; in fact, they (emotional people) are good human beings who care a lot.

But, keeping too much of feelings can mess up your personal life. You can shed tears while watching TV shows, you can also feel sorry or even cry on mass killings in wars, you can feel pity for the poor homeless kids; but don’t let it come outside your bedroom.

Emotions or feelings can turn out to be a double-edged sword in offices, so play carefully. Precisely, you can say sorry but don’t suffer it. Apologize but don’t bring out awful feelings.


  • Don’t complain much at office

If you think you are a grown-up person, then don’t complain about the office environment or the conducts of others unless it is very necessary.

Your rivals always wish you to be a complainer. Your boss doesn’t like complainers at all. They are so annoying.

Though your boss may say that keep bringing out your problems and the problems of others, because he likes to keep himself well-informed about the office environment.

So, if you have any issue with anybody or anything, just don’t run to your manager, try to solve it personally.

And you should also be careful of complainers, for they can wreak havoc on your job and career. If you are wise enough, you should try to keep complainers closer.


  • You can’t escape your job

Well, you know it already. You bring whatever you can – hard work or smart work – but do your job. Your achievement will always speak on your behalf in any crumbling situation.


  • Be Mr. Punctual

Surviving corporate life requires military discipline. If you are not on time, fingers will be pointed at you. You will be branded as a spoiler, and your manager or boss doesn’t like it.


  • Avoid earning tags in office


Mr. Spoiler, Drama Queen, Bad Boy, Revolutionist, Mr. No, Mr. Rude, Lover Boy, Psycho, Sycophant, etc., are the few tags that every employee should always try to avoid. Your inner voice or sense is the best guard against these tags.


  • Keep “fire” anxiety at bay

Handling “Fire” Anxiety depends upon your personality and the emotions you carry. Some people handle it carefully – not everyone.

The best way to keep anxiety at bay is to involve yourself and your spare time in your hobbies. Execute plans of doing your dream job in your mind. Don’t leave your dreams, ever.

Well, I’ve hinted at my good colleague Mr. Mohan about these points. Wish him good luck if you like.


So, the mantra of corporate survival is: stay cool in whatsoever situation.


TAREK FATAH | Who Is Tarek Fatah |What Tarek Fatah Wants


Who Is Tarek Fatah |What Tarek Fatah Wants


“His continuous hate-mongering coupled with utterly nonsensical statements found him an untapped constituency in India- a country that’s experienced phenomenal rise in the right-wing ideology since BJP coming to power in May 2014.” Rifat Jawaid,


If anyone can answer this simple question in the simplest way, it would be: he is A Poor Old Attention Seeker. Tarek Fatah is the one who is in very urgent need of Indian citizenship; he sees his career and future here in India.

India is and has been the land of talkative political leaders and attention seekers who are known for their talent to befool masses and attract masses. So, is Tarek Fatah is going to be one of those attention seekers?


Tarek Fatah’s Background: Let’s see his background first and try to understand his potentials. Tarek Fatah was born in Pakistan, and there he tried to gain some political mileage, but unfortunately it didn’t work for him. He, because of his disordered attitude, created himself an unbalanced situation. He sensed for his security and left for Saudi Arabia. He lived quietly there for a longer period, as he was very much aware of the consequences, he could have faced for his fragile behavior and twisted opinion.

Ticket To Canada: After spending a long time, he managed to get Canadian visa on the ground of false threat to his life. He found heaven in Canada. There he relished the free society and freedom for his wild opinions which were purely based on trolls and sarcasm. Currently he is working there as a journalist for his articles appear regularly in Toronto Sun.

Tarek Fatah’s Opinions: Tarek Fatah calls himself an atheist and announces all religions and gods are nonsense. But nobody cares about an atheist in Canadian society. And this was intolerable to him as it could be intolerable to any attention seeker. There he also wrote a few books criticizing Islam, Muslims and Pakistan. Since he didn’t have any unique talent in him as a writer or as a reasonable thinker, he couldn’t make an identity in the field but writing and publications.

Surprising, He Supports Donald Trump: Well, not all ‘Muslims’ are against Donald Trumps. Tarek Fatah is one of the staunch supporters of Donald Trump and his opinion to ban Muslims from entering America.

He Hates Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: One cannot love Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau at the same time. Tarek Fatah doesn’t want like Justin Trudeau’s generous attitude, and generally criticizes him for accepting too many ‘Muslim’ immigrants. By the way, Tarek Fatah himself came to this country as an immigrant. A great deal of hypocrisy, isn’t it!

He Fears Muslims: Tarek Fatah has lots of doubts about Muslims and their intentions. He doesn’t feel himself comfortable amongst Muslims in general. Once, he had reportedly denied taking a medical survive from a Muslim doctor. On other occasions he had expressed his resentment when a Muslim security officer was called in after he had received some threats from someone.

“He was a little known writer in Toronto in Canada before he shot to fame using the same methodology that catapulted many other Islamophobes to international fame overnight.” Rifat Jawaid.

He Loves Hinduism And Hindutva: While Muslims in India are living under the terror of Hindutva forces, Tarek Fatah gives such forces a massive support. He finds his roots in Hinduism, and it is his personal choice. But he aggressively suggests Muslims to find their roots in Hinduism; also suggest them to embrace Hinduism. Well, he doesn’t seem to respect Muslim sentiments.

Canada is Not Cool for Him Anymore: As time passed, Canada didn’t seem cool to him anyone. Nobody cared for his fragile opinion, books or reasons. He had no chance for a career in Canadian politics. Surely, he needed another country where he could satisfy his innate need of attention.

India is the Destination: Canada is a safe place so he’d stay here; he certainly cannot go back to Gulf countries or Pakistan; he cannot be that stupid. And suddenly he gets and idea… India, yes India it is.

India is certainly his place; a great place for his future and career. India has everything he needs. India has the people who entertain those who show their fragility of minds. Rakhi Sawant to Veena Mallik, Baba Ramdev to Arvind Kerajiwal, this country is full of such examples. You can even become the PM of this country only if you have the power to gain the attention of masses.

And thus, Tarek Fatah started making small trips to India, attending some small interviews with news channels. Indian news channels also recognized his ability to bring good TRP.

Indian News Channels Love Tarek Fatah: All that Indian news channels need is heavy TRP, in other words traffic to their channels. There are a few state sponsored news channels who deliberately run news and stories in the favour of the political party of the current government. Disclosing the secret: Zee News loves Tarek Fatah.

He is Making and Learning from Him Mistakes: There is a proverb in Hindi which says you cannot make crocodile your enemy, if you have to stay in the same pond. Tarek Fatah, after making some fun of Hinduism, RSS and India, very soon realized that he cannot survive this way. Luckily, he got another idea: lets troll Muslims and Islam, the majority would like it. And then on, he has been trolling and making fun of Muslims, Islam, their customs, and their leaders. He finds his roots in India, he tells Muslims to do what Hindu leaders tell them to do, he tells Muslims to say Vande Mataram, he tells Muslims to change their name to Hindu ones, he brazenly blames Muslims for terrorism, he praises Hindu organizations and hatred spreading Hindu leaders: only to persuade current ruling party which will help him in getting Indian Citizenship. He openly seeks Indian citizenship, so that he can do this on a permanent basis.

Does He Have Political Career In India:  Political Pundits say NO. Tarek Fatah calls himself a communist, but no communist leader has spoken in his favour as of now. While India is seeing student leader Kanhaiya Kumar as a shining communist leader, he calls him an ‘idiot’. There are some states like West Bengal and Kerala where the communists have strong presence due to the strong support of Muslims. But Tarek Fatah doesn’t like Muslims. The Current ruling party of India, BJP, does have a soft corner for him due to his anti-Muslim sentiments and his acclaims for RSS (Hindutva Force).

Though, he cannot bring votes to any certain political party, he can certainly bring good TRP to news channels.

“People like Fatah fail to realise that Indians in general and Indian Muslims in particular don’t need to learn patriotism from a ‘traitor’ like him. A person, who has struggled to return to Pakistan since 1989 wants Indian Muslims to learn all about nationalism from him.” Says Editor-in-Chief Rifat Jawaid rightly expresses his opinion.

Read the full article by Rifat Jawaid: