Lost Job Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic: What Next?

These are difficult times. Millions of people have lost their jobs around the globe due to the Coronavirus pandemic. I have not lost my job yet, but you might have lost it. Who knows what happens next, what to do now?

Well, this global crisis is also an awakening call to our generation. These different times teach us how vulnerable we always have been. We can lose our well paid and highly secured jobs just within the snap of a finger.

How to help the unemployed during the coronavirus pandemic

This Covid-19 crisis is the time to be strong and make some radical changes in our lives. Losing one’s job may turn out to be a depressing period. And learning to deal with depression will be lifelong learning. You may not see life like before again. Do these things if you have lost your job:


Don’t forget the mantra: this too shall pass. Yes, it will. Things will change in a month or two. Even if we don’t come up with any vaccine for Coronavirus, we will learn to live with it. Don’t you see how we have learned to live with HIV-AIDS? We have human beings, no offense, but we are the most voracious animals of our planet. We will win, just wait for the right time to come.


I know you are a great software developer, but you always wanted to be a singer. You always wanted to be a blogger, and this is perhaps the best time to work on it. One of my friends is working on his cartooning skills, and he is seriously good at it. Now, this is now or never moment. You may never get another chance to be a TikTok star. Good luck!

Lost job amidst Coronavirus pandemic? Here’s how to deal with crisis


We would finally, sooner or later, come out of this crisis. Do you think you would be ready for the new world of opportunities by then? Interviews are supposed to be taken seriously.

Don’t believe those stories that belittle the interview’s importance. You increase your chances of cracking interviews only by preparing more and more. In interviews, we will have a better answer to the question on the reason for a job change. Now, it would be easier to answer; they would know that the Coronavirus pandemic has troubled us all.

What it’s like being unemployed because of coronavirus


It’s definitely saving time. You know what those polar bears do when the long long winter season arrives. They go on a very long sleep. They sleep and save their energy, and wait for the future with great expectations. You can call this coronavirus crisis a winter sleep or hibernation time.

With pay cuts and job loss, Coronavirus pandemic might set back your career by 3 years or more!


We always knew that nothing can go wrong with our well planned, well-organized society. We thought world wars are gone days, glaciers will never melt, meteoroids may never hit us, our nuclear plants are well maintained, and Kim Jong-un is just a funny guy. But, no, things are not as static as you have imagined. This world will come to an end, a wild meteorite can bring back the ice age just tonight.

Millions of people around the world have lost their jobs amid the current Covid-19 crisis. How should you handle your emotional reaction?

So, awake! This is what our spiritual leaders have been trying to teach us since time immemorial. Awake, and seek the truth, and realize that you are living in a dream or matrix. Realize that this life is a momentary game. Realize that we do not really need to take this life as seriously. Realize the uselessness of worldly affairs and materialism. Well, you can drop this topic if it’s not your cup of tea.