The Ultimate Superfoods For Poor Men And Minimalists: Sole Survival Hacks

Global warming is still going to take a hell lot of time to destroy the world, and we may not even see the apocalypse in our life span. But, it doesn't mean we cannot enjoy our survival drama now. Millions of people around the globe have decided to live alone and wait for the judgment [...]

Seven Basic Fashion Accessories For Every Poor Man and Minimalist

You can be a poor man, you can be a minimalist, and you can be a fashion icon AF at the same time. You don't really need to have multiple pairs of shoes and pants to mark your presence in the fashion department. We all know the rich guy with his flamboyant appearance but fails [...]

LifeStyle: Things That One Should be Eating As A Good Minimalist

You, sir, are not a good minimalist if you are not eating as a good minimalist eat. Remember, minimalists don’t need to eat less, but healthy and easily available. There are criteria on what a minimalist should eat, and what he/she should avoid. Let’s keep things random and simple about things, I mean food, that [...]

HR Discussion: How Do You Control ‘Offer Declines’ As a Recruiter?

Hi, I've been working as a recruiter for many years with a recruitment firm. Recently I went for an interview where I had applied for a Sr. recruiter positon. There, the interviewer asked me: how do you control your offer declines as a recruiter? Though I've been into this field for many years, I fumbled [...]

No, Jawa Motorcycles Cannot Kill Royal Enfield

'Time will tell', they said. Now the time has told: no, Jawa motorcycles cannot kill Royal Enfield motorcycles. The sales statistics, as well as the motorcycle enthusiasts, have now substantiated the fact that Royal Enfield cannot be destroyed in the Indian market so easily. In this topic, I'm not going to touch the boring sales [...]