Never Lose Your Girlfriend Again: Love Life and Live Better

Question: Hey dude, I love Maria. Yes, I do. I know what you would be thinking about it. I do have many ex-girlfriends, but this time it’s different. I don’t wanna lose her. I may marry her and spend our life together.

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Look, I am really in love with her. I wake up at night thinking about her. I just think about her all the time. I indeed go to the office only to meet her. I’m in love bro. What should I do? I don’t wanna lose her. I should I do to get her?

Answer: this is a primitive question, even older. And, it is everyone’s question. This question arises at different stages of life, in adolescence, after forty, and in old age too.

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There is no doubt that my friend loves Maria. But, his love is a distorted one. He “wants” her. Like he wants to have a Teddy Bear or a toy or a puppy. This deep feeling of ‘want’ originates the sense of possession and obsession. And, the story begins to spoil.

Alex doesn’t wanna “lose” her. It seems she is his property or his pride. He says he “may” marry her. He is not even sure if he would marry her, or not. He just wants her now. But, yes I agree that he loves her. No doubt!

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Your love becomes sick as soon as you create a “want” with it. So if you are in love with someone, just ask yourself a question, do you WANT something in return? If your answer is yes then, your love is not unconditional. Indeed, your love is a dead-weight. You would just be carrying it as long as you could.

Since love has been romanticized and fantasized by our poets and story writers, we face a difficult time knowing love. Our poets tell us that God is playing an important role and he has got some exciting plans in your love life. It’s time to awake if such thoughts are taking over you.

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What is love: you remember when you were trolling through the wilderness, you came across a beautiful flower. The flower mesmerized you with its beauty. You suddenly began sensing the beauty of life and the universe. You started blossoming like a flower. Now, this is love.

Love is not plucking the flower and taking it home, and decorate your house with it. It’s exploitation, not love.

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Once you learn to differentiate between love and exploitation, you come to know about real love. When you come to know about real love, you fall in love again and again. And, you never lose your girlfriend. If your love doesn’t make your life beautiful, it is not love. Fall in love again and again, let people come and go in your life. Live like wildflowers, treat others like wildflowers.

Remember: True love must die as real flowers do. Only plastic flowers live forever. If you fall in love again, as you had fallen in love before, remind yourself that it would die someday. Don’t believe your romantic poets, and whatever they say about love and its immortality.