Reasons Behind Interview Rejection a Recruiter Will Not Tell You

IF you are thinking about the interview which went well, and you felt like that was the best interview you ever had in your life, but you still were not able to make it to further rounds; you need to stop worrying about it.

Reasons Behind Interview Rejection

You really need not worry about your interview where your candidature was not considered for the next round of interview, or your were rejected at last.

I, being a recruiter for more than five years, can tell you that you are, most probably, never going to know the real reason behind your rejection.


The only exact or true reason of rejection would be the one that you’d get in a written form, say email or post. Even if the recruiter tells you over phone formally or informally, your chances of knowing the true reasons of rejection in an interview would always be doubtful.


Whether a smart recruiter or a not-so-smart one, he or she would always hesitate to tell you the actual reason behind your rejection. Especially, when you were not selected for further processes because of these reasons:


1) Budget Constraints: A recruiter will always hate to tell you that you are not being selected because the company cannot match your CTC expectation. In such cases, most of the times, you will never hear from the recruiter. This is one of the most embarrassing moments for the recruiters to cite this reason behind someone’s rejection.


2) Position or Requirement on Hold: You had tough time preparing yourself for the important interview, you attended a telephonic interview, face to face interview, HR rounds, and finally took the printouts of your documents, and then the upper management decides to freeze the requirement because of some unknown reasons. Well, in this case, you should not expect a recruiter to be honest and tell you everything unless he is really honest. Again, not your fault behind the rejection.


3) They Didn’t Really Intend to Hire You: It’s a dark truth that HR professionals or recruiters sometimes keep or use a candidate as a bait, because they are uncertain about someone already offered who may or may not join. In this case, you will get an offer only if the candidate who has already been offered declines the offer.

In such case, you will have your emotions played with by the recruiters, and a good recruiter wouldn’t do that by telling you the truth.


4) Decision Through Lucky Draw: You at least would be knowing that there were many other candidates attending the same interview along with you. They might be better than you or may we worse; there are also the chances that they’d be as good as you. So, what happens when the management has to decide among the equally qualified candidates, they simply do a lucky draw. Lucky draw is just lucky for one, and unlucky for the others.


Selection by a lucky draw is a sad but inevitable really in recruitment. And a recruiter would never tell you that you have become a victim of a lucky draw contest.


5) Over Qualification: Sometimes you really need a job so seriously that you don’t worry about the post, the designation or the perks. You just need a job, maybe, because you want to quit your current job out of frustration or you are about to lose your job because of other reasons. But, generally, recruiters don’t understand this emotion of yours. They simply don’t care how importantly you need this job. If they, along with their management, find you overqualified for the current position they will ditch you.

Rejection due to the over qualification happens out of the fear that the candidate may quit the job as soon as he finds a job as per his qualification. If a company calls you for an interview knowing that you are over qualified, then it means they are ready to take their chances out of a serious need.

Some recruiters say it, but most don’t like to say that you are being rejected because you are overqualified.


6) Internal Politics: you would be interviewed by many managers and leaders in the department, and they might have a little conflict or a little bit of politics among themselves. The interviewer who had liked you for a certain characteristic, may not be liked by the other interviewers. In such cases, you have nothing to win, but lose. Sorry!


7) You Were Not Interviewed by the Right Person: It is not necessary that the interviewer has to be a good selector or a judge for someone’s qualification. I’ve heard candidates making comments about the interviewers such as- I knew better than the interviewer, or he was really asking silly questions, or he was not serious, or he was judgmental. In a very serious comment a candidate said- I guess he didn’t like my face, and sending negative vibes to me. I call this reason a psychological reason. Though it happens rarely, but it does happen.

So, if you ever got Rejected in an interview, the reason also might be because your interviewer himself was not qualified.


Well, these were the seven reasons I could think of. If you also know of some other reasons from your experiences do mention it in the comment, we’ll them in the article too.

There are other hundreds of reasons for interview rejection, you can find out on Quora here.

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