Seven Basic Fashion Accessories For Every Poor Man and Minimalist

You can be a poor man, you can be a minimalist, and you can be a fashion icon AF at the same time.
You don’t really need to have multiple pairs of shoes and pants to mark your presence in the fashion department.
We all know the rich guy with his flamboyant appearance but fails to impress us. If we ever need any fashion inspiration, he would be the last guy.
Consider yourself lucky to be a minimalist or the one who sees ramp models as funny people. Ramp models are indeed funny guys. They don’t inspire masses in the fashion department. All they do is… I don’t really know what they do… They just appear funny to me.
Well, you can find ramp walkers and supermodels and their fashion funny and stupid; still, you can mark your presence in the fashion department.
Dress what you are, and what you feel about yourself. If you are a man, and feel like a man, and proud of your manhood, then dress like a man.

God has given us all beautiful faces, this is why we try to make a difference at our feet. We were many things on our feet, but if you don’t wear big boots, you are a novice in fashion.

Sports shoes and sneakers are for guys with mixed-gender orientations, no offense, by the way. Boots are for those who identify themselves as men.
Black leather boots are just fine, but if they are tan or brown, they are impressive. Always wear boots with jeans and formal trousers.
Boots don’t just look manly, they are also made sturdy and last long: a perfect accessory for a poor man or a minimalist.

Round or V-shaped t-shirts are for not-so-serious people. Polo or collar t-shirts are made for people who mean business.

Polo t-shirts are durable. They are sophisticated. They don’t carry stupid slogans printed on them.
From athletes to college students, from office goers to presidents, everyone who makes a difference wears polo t-shirts.

A body fitting half sleeve shirt makes a strong fashion statement. Wear it to show that you are stronger and more powerful in your office or the neighborhood.

You can wear it on any occasion. Choose a half sleeve shirt either black or white to keep its sober statement.

Belts don’t just save our modesty, they help us show our strong presence in the fashion department.

Always keep a strong pure leather belt of a brown or tan color. Pure leather belts, because they last for years. Though belts come in various colors, a minimalist should choose between black, brown and tan. Tan leather belts are the best belts.

Please, never wear a plastic digital wristwatch, however costly and durable. Let the kids enjoyed and show off these plastic digital watches.

Men should go for an analog wristwatch- made of shiny steel, with a big dial. Let others know that you are made of iron and prefer steel.

Last but not least, go for a well-fitting traditional pair of blue jeans. Remember, five-pocket, traditional blue jeans. Do not give yourself many options while choosing jeans.

You don’t need red jeans or yellow jeans or even black jeans. You need only and only blue jeans.

You visit either an eyewear store or an online portal, you would find thousands of choices. You don’t need to bother about these many choices, because it’s a simple matter.

Always go for either round or pilot style sunglasses. Choose between black and brown color glasses, and don’t you ever bother about red, yellow or orange shades.

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