Is Royal Enfield Himalayan The Ugliest Motorcycle Indians Can Have

Royal Enfield guys have been making and selling motorcycles in the name of Heritage, legacy, and prodigy.


RE Classic 350 has successfully been carrying this tag so far.


Royal Enfield guys also claim to be the manufacturer of the cruiser and touring motorcycles in India.


Recently, they have come up with a new motorcycle: ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYAN. The name sounds great, Thunderbird also was equally impressive.


Sounds like, Royal Enfield guys are really good at naming their motorcycles. After all, it is the name which helps them survive the market. But, what about quality?


Talking of quality, after a year of Himalayan’s release this motorcycle is on the verge of being discontinued. Sales figures are terribly down.


The culprits for this down figures are:



Almost every second owner of Royal Enfield Himalayan is complaining of leaky engines. The air-cooled 400cc engine doesn’t perform like a 400cc engine.


The 400cc engine as not any better or smoother than the 250cc segment bikes from Japanese makers such as Honda, Suzuki, etc.


Most customers say that this engine is just under-powered for a motorcycle of 200kg. The engine looks bulky. It is bulky indeed.


And of course, it vibrates like other old-fashioned engines of Royal Enfield motorcycles.


All they got is- Max Power: 24.50 bhp @ 6,500 rpm | Maximum Torque: 32 Nm @ 4,500 rpm.


In the name of keeping the legacy and protecting heritage you just cannot give low-quality products to the customers.



The logic behind keeping Tube tires with spokes wheel is still not understandable. Tubeless tires are one of the basic features most motorcycle makes can provide.


Everyone knows about the advantages of tubeless tires. Nowadays most motorcycles come with tubeless tires, but not Royal Enfield Himalayan.


Rust issues have always been there with Royal Enfield motorcycles. It’s time they should do something about it.


The gear shifting is really hard. Hard gear shifting spoils the day really bad. There are customers who say that the motorcycles stalls or breakdowns in the middle of the journey.


In this case, they had to get their motorcycles towed to the nearest service centres.


Poor Mileage-

Well, the Royal Enfield owners don’t like to talk about poor mileage issues, which is understandable.


Worst Design-

This motorcycle is not stylish at all. It could be stylish for some, but not for those who are passionate about cruiser motorcycles.


Some of my friends say that this motorcycle looks as though it’s been customized and assembled in a junkyard. I couldn’t disagree much.


When we see a motorcycle of Harley Davidson or Indian Motorcycle design, we just say ‘wow’.


Even the UM motorcycle designs have got that punch. But Royal Enfield Himalayan doesn’t have that road presence.


It doesn’t look attractive, and people just tend to ignore the presence of this motorcycle on the roads.