Things That Recruiters Like to See in Your CV(Resume): A Recruiter’s Guide

Some software engineers are always in touch with me, and they sometimes ping me on WhatsApp for some tips to get more job calls from good IT organizations. The quickest tips that I share with them is, firstly, keep your profiles active & updated, secondly, add more and more relevant keywords in the ‘skills & […]


No interviews should be taken lightly. Attending an interview without preparation could turn disastrous. Thus, you will not just lose your confidence for the next interview; you’d also lose a great chance to learn some importent interview skills. Overconfidence can ruin your interview, so can the nervousness and fear. In most cases, candidates go tongue-tied […]

The Complicated Time Of Resignation and Notice Period

The Question: Hi, I’m about to resign from my current employer soon. Though I didn’t have such plans, but the company’s current situation makes think that the time has arrived to take this decision. My company, as I hear, has not been doing well for past a few years. The employees have been resigning from […]