This Is How I Managed My Workload And Sleepless Nights


As far as I could remember I had never before taken my job seriously. I followed the corporate mantra: do your job, take your salary, and go home. The mantra did the magic for a longer period, but something changed when I joined a new company. This new company was a prestigious name with remarkable fame. I was being paid well, that hardly mattered though. I was assigned to a better duty, and I took pride in it. Everything was just perfect… But not for long.


My dedication and the hard work paid finally. I started receiving appreciation and acknowledgments for my hard work and achievements. Till now, it’s okay, but then I realized that I grew a hunger for more appreciation and gratitude from others, my seniors precisely. I would get tensed and worried if I didn’t hear from them. Things now were not cool anymore.


Time changes and your mind starts playing tricks. After a while, my good days began turning into bad nights. A dilemma crept in my head. On the one hand, I felt that I was not getting enough appreciation and acknowledgment for my hard work, on the other hand, I feared that my job was not safe. Were they planning to terminate me! After all, it was the pandemic time.


There was something wrong with me now. My nights were restless, and the mornings were gloomy. My shoulders were down while I logged in. What’s wrong with me? I asked myself. And I’m glad that I asked myself this question. Questions beget answers. Every time something bad happens to you, the first thing you should do is to ask yourself questions.


One night I decided to get rid of this misery of my work life. I said no to the suffering. I said to myself that the job can go to hell, and I still would be ME. I don’t care if they fire me the very next day. I would celebrate holidays and go on excursions once I’m out of my job. The job is too little for me. I’m larger than my tiny little job. Yeah, it’s true that it gives me money to plan ahead in the future, but I already have enough money to withstand a whole year or even more. Now, after this explanation, I was ashamed of my misery.


And that was it! I had a good night’s sleep and woke up afresh. The bad feelings were gone. I didn’t care about my seniors or any other person. I was all set to lose my job and go on an excursion. I was not deluding myself, but I was damn certain about it. I reiterated my office mantra once again: do your job, take your salary, and go home.

Fortunately or unfortunately, my frightful days didn’t come back and I continued my job satisfactorily. Otherwise, I should have spent a

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