My Thoughts And Notes On Surviving Corporate Life Like A Boss


Well, it’s not a funny subject to talk about.

I’ve worked under many such bosses, and you are reading this because most probably you also have got yourself in a similar situation.

Our seniors or managers are just normal people walking on the earth. They act and react to the situations in quite a natural way. They, of course, are not monsters. They are just trying to save their asses, so do we all.

I remember working under a team leader who used to share a lots of personal and emotional stuff with me, but at the same time, he made us work like bulls.

I always thought that he was a stupid manager. But, today I realize that it was his style of working and getting jobs done. I also never had any issues with him. He asked me to work, I worked. I had to work. Because, there was no other way. We are supposed to work.

Over a period of time, I came across many other bosses and team leaders who were quite infamous for their behavior and abusive to some extent. I worked with them all.

After working for so many years under someone, I realized that I’m still working under someone. And, I always find myself working under someone. Nobody works under me even today.

Then I discovered something new about myself: F__k, I had many opportunities to become a leader, but I always chose to work under someone.

I was much more comfortable working under someone, because I hated being accountable or answerable to someone of higher authority. The knowledgeable people call it being in ‘a comfort zone’.

Being in a comfort zone is good or bad, is a different subject. I say life is all about living it. If you feel wonderful being in your comfort zone that is not reducing you to sh__t, be there. Enjoy your life.

If you want to come out of your comfort zone and do as Alexander did, go ahead. No wrong in leaving your comfort zone.



Whenever I was in trouble, or whenever I’m in trouble at work I smile. Not because of the philosophical or Yogik reasons, but because I start seeing my future: Now it’s the time to move on. Now I will resign, or I will get fired, I’ll update my resume on the job portals, find out a better company which will have a better manager.

And finally I will end up working on a better pay scale. A little more money will bring a little more happiness.

Remember guys: the corporate world is a very positive place to be. It is always better than being a farmer, or starting a new business, or being a small time businessman.

In the corporate world, you have nothing to lose. Here, you don’t deal for a loss. A new offer letter brings you new profits on it.

A new workplace also opens the opportunity to fall in love…who knows!

I know a guy, who worked in a small town, was asked to quit his job. He quit. He was sad. He didn’t find another job in the same city. So he left the city and moved to a bigger town. The bigger town gave him a bigger company to work with. Of course, his pay scale was bigger too.

So, all you need to do to deal with a SOB boss: THINK POSITIVE and imagine joining a new company… and starting everything anew.