Performed Well in Interview, Still Got Rejected: Why?

Never get surprised if you get rejected after attending a satisfying interview. Interviews are unpredictable.

Recruiters and hiring managers usually make the mistake of hiring the wrong guy.

As a recruiter, I can say hiring a new guy is like purchasing a ‘product’.

And this ‘product’ is not furniture; it has got a mind of its own. So, unpredictable things happen on both sides.

Never get dejected after being rejected in interviews.

“Rejection may put you in trouble for some time, but it also opens windows for new opportunities.”

And these opportunities are generally better opportunities, I have experienced.

However, if you still want to know why you got rejected then there a few points you should know:

1.       You Didn’t Do Well in Interview:

Sounds like a normal reason behind interview rejection, but it’s not easy to convince yourself.

There are many candidates who compete for a single open position.

You performed well in the interview, but there was someone who did better, and there came another guy who was marked the best by the recruiters.

So, it’s simple, the best guy gets selected. All you can do is work hard and try to do better in the next interview.

2.       Your Salary Expectation didn’t Meet the Budget:

Most companies don’t disclose their budget caption for any open position.

Also, the budget for any particular position changes from time to time and can depend upon various factors.

Though, most originations screen one’s candidature based on his/her current and expected CTC, however, while negotiating the salary in final rounds of interview, things get spoiled.

3.       Internal Reference:

The internal reference is considered the best recruitment mode by some originations.

References don’t just bring pre-screened candidates on skills ground, but they also bring the trust of referrer with them.

Referral candidates take lesser time to learn and always have a ‘personal’ guider with them.

4.       Position Went on Hold:

Unexpected things happen in recruitment. Nothing should surprise in recruitment.

You may finish all the rounds with excellence and win interviewers confidence, but suddenly the top officials decide not to hire for the open position any more for various reasons you may never know.

Maybe, the guy who had decided to resign gets reinstated. Or, just maybe, the position itself is scrapped. You never know.

5.       You Touched The Controversial Topics:

Once, when I was new to the job market, an interviewer of MNC asked me about my political affiliation, also, if I liked a certain leader.

I was a novice in such matters; I put my opinion as it was. Of course, I got rejected.

Moreover, the interviewer should never have touched such questions.

In interviews, be smart enough to avoid touching controversial and sensitive matters such as politics, religion, regionalism, caste, creed, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

6.       You Dressed Recklessly:

There was a weekend drive at a software company. I was the recruiter taking care of coordination jobs and other things.

To my surprise, I noticed the candidates who seemed very promising during telephonic discussions had come in Shorts, and t-shirts, and slippers.

I was like: no dude, this is not cool. You are breaking the sanctity of corporate culture.

7.       Job Profile Mismatch:

This is one of the most significant reasons of interview rejection. It starts with the miscommunication between the recruiter and the candidate.

Sometimes recruiter fails to screen the resumes as per the JD and bring the wrong guy with different role & responsibilities.

In such cases, even interviewers try to fake it while taking the interview. They just can’t tell them right away that yours is a profile mismatch, and ask them to leave.

8.       You Failed in Background Check/ Verification:

Before rolling out the offer, companies do a little background checks.

They may call your employer or someone working there to gather some important information about you.

They also may check your social media accounts and try to figure out your personality and attitude.

If your background verifications don’t impress them, chances are slim that you would hear from them ever again.

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