HR Discussion: How Do You Control ‘Offer Declines’ As a Recruiter?

Hi, I’ve been working as a recruiter for many years with a recruitment firm. Recently I went for an interview where I had applied for a Sr. recruiter positon. There, the interviewer asked me: how do you control your offer declines as a recruiter? Though I’ve been into this field for many years, I fumbled […]

Performed Well in Interview, Still Got Rejected: Why?

Never get surprised if you get rejected after attending a satisfying interview. Interviews are unpredictable. Recruiters and hiring managers usually make the mistake of hiring the wrong guy. As a recruiter, I can say hiring a new guy is like purchasing a ‘product’. And this ‘product’ is not furniture; it has got a mind of […]

Things That Recruiters Like to See in Your CV(Resume): A Recruiter’s Guide

Some software engineers are always in touch with me, and they sometimes ping me on WhatsApp for some tips to get more job calls from good IT organizations. The quickest tips that I share with them is, firstly, keep your profiles active & updated, secondly, add more and more relevant keywords in the ‘skills & […]

Let’s Not Ask These Stupid and Meaningless Interview Questions

When I was young and in school, I used to fondly hear interesting interviews stories generally from the Civil Services examinations. After all, the Civil Services was everything back then for the job aspirants. As far as I can remember, most of the interview stories back then were quite funny and stupid in nature. Of […]

The Interview Etiquettes That Can Make or Break Your Career

  The corporate world still preserves some basic manners and etiquettes of the interview and its processes. We may not like these set norms, but to succeed in the interviews we got to follow them.   I remember one interesting interview that I had attended with a consultancy firm a few years ago for a […]