How to Get More Job Calls From Naukri And Monster

    Optimize Your Profile on Or In Any Job Portal For Better Results



There are many reasons behind getting less job calls: Recent market trends, less jobs in the particular industry, recession, less job opportunity in the region, etc.


But this is not all. There are other reasons for getting lesser job calls from recruiters. And, fortunately our chances of better opportunities don’t end here.


Surely there are some niche skills or industries or domains where we have a lesser demand of workers. If we get a few jobs calls from these industries, it is acceptable. For example, if you are working as a Liferay developer, you will get lesser job calls as compared to a Java developer.


But if you are not into niche skills, and still not getting enough job calls from the recruiters, then you got to fix something. IT Professionals who are into skills such as java, .net, c++, etc., should not face the dearth of job calls from the recruiter. is the biggest job portal in India. After Naukri, one should also trust for receiving quality job calls from the recruiters. In fact, some recruiters and job consultancies prefer for IT recruitment.

Though I’m going to explain how to optimize for better results in terms of job calls, you can also apply the same tips with or other job portals.


Here a few things that you should always do to improve your chances of receiving more quality job calls from recruiters-


  1. Key Skills Segment is The Key


Most job portals, including, have got a segment known as ‘Key Skills’ or Keywords’. Now, this is the most important part of a job portal. This segment is the segment which largely affects your chances of employment.


Key Skills or Keyword segment is also called the mind of the job portal. The job portal decides the weightage or the value to a profile based key skills or keywords a candidate has used. This is just like the search engines concept. Sometimes we got the same website in Google, whatever search terms we put in the search bar. It happens because the keywords are used more wisely in that particular website.


There are a few things that should be taken care to leverage Key Skills or Keyword segment. You should try to put more and more keywords and the related terms. You can also use the synonymous of the keywords or key skills, in case you are running out of keywords.


For example, don’t just put Java in this segment if you have also worked on the related technologies such as j2ee, corejava, j2me, jsp. Don’t just use .Net, If you have also used, c#net, etc. Also, put all those keywords that can be used with or without ‘space’. E.g., CoreJava, “core java”, angularjs, “angular js”, JavaScript, “java script”, WCF, WPF, “Windows Communication Foundation”, “Windows Presentation Foundation”, etc.



  1. ‘Resume Headline’ is The Message To The Recruiters


Resume Headline conveys three things: What I am, What I want, and What I don’t want. And, No bull**t! In case, you are particular about any message, this is the place where you have your say. If you want calls for onsite opportunities, say it here. You live in Bangalore, but want job only in Delhi, say it here. If you can receive calls only after six o’clock, say it here. If you want to be communicated only by emails, say it here. You say it here, and the recruiter shall listen.


You should use maximum three sentences in this segment. ‘I’m a Java developer. I want to relocate to Delhi. Call only after two o’clock’. By using this segment smartly you can avoid many unnecessary calls, which will save your as well as the recruiters’ time.



  1. Balance Between Years of Experience and CTC (salary)


You may not realize, but these two segments (Year of Experience and CTC) are greatly intertwined. You cannot make any big mistake here. Or else, you will lose your employment chances. Your years of experience and your salary should be in right ratio or proportion.


If you have got five years of experience and still getting a fresher’s salary, then you need to work on the ratio. Because, recruiters would be hunting for profiles based on the right ratio (criteria) of experience and salary. In such cases, I suggest wisely removing unnecessary or small-period employment. You should keep yourself abreast of the market trends to manage this segment.



  1. Showcase IT Skills and Project Segment


Most IT Professionals tend to ignore this important segment. IT Skills segment is the great place to showcase your IT Skills/ Keywords along with the duration/ period/ last used time. By adding these details, you would be adding more value to your profile, and making recruiters job easier. These details also matter in the shortlisting process by the recruiters as well as the managers.


You may ignore Projects segments if you have already mentioned all the projects in the CV. But maintaining this segment can make your profile look more real and solid. Moreover, IT professionals are supposed to provide all the details of projects: duration of the project, designation in the project, Role Responsibilities in the projects.



  1. Show Smartness in Employment Details


Unfortunately, in India, employers don’t prefer candidates with the history of frequent job changes. Such guys are labelled as job hoppers in HR Department. Candidates are advised to remove all unnecessary job changes or jobs taken for a shorter period. Candidates are also supposed to be ready with reasonable explanations at the time of the interviews.


God luck, guys!