The Ultimate Superfoods For Poor Men And Minimalists: Sole Survival Hacks

Global warming is still going to take a hell lot of time to destroy the world, and we may not even see the apocalypse in our life span. But, it doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy our survival drama now.

Millions of people around the globe have decided to live alone and wait for the judgment day. They generally don’t eat sumptuous meals, because they are naturally poor or like to live like minimalists.

Being poor and alone cannot stop us from enjoying tasty and nutritious foods. There are some certain foods that are poor men’s ultimate sources of survival.


Eggs are Cheap, and they are available in abundance. They are also loaded with all the vital nutrients and vitamins.

Most importantly, they are the cheapest protein source available in the market. If eggs are your primary source of protein, then you can eat them as many as 6 eggs in a day.

New researches show that eggs are not as harmful as they were considered before. Eggs don’t really increase the cholesterol level, but they neutralize it in our bodies. Eggs are truly gifts for poor men.


Though eggs are a great source of protein, oats are the most perfect combination of protein and carbohydrates. We cannot ignore and exclude the carbohydrates from our diet.

Carbohydrates or carbs give us quick energy. The energy that we need every day to walk and lift things and think rightly. Carbohydrates also hold some fats in our body. These fats help us survive in emergencies.

Thus, oat comes as a savior to poor men with its great source of protein and complex carbohydrates.


Monkeys love bananas, and bananas keep monkeys healthy and active all day. We humans can surely learn something from our distant cousins.

Bananas have got protein, carbohydrates, and all those vital vitamins packed together. Not just that, bananas are one of the greatest sources of natural fiber; fiber that we need for our bowel movement in the morning. On some occasions, bananas can replace our morning breakfast also.

Boiled Meat:

Meat is the naturally selected food of human beings. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors survived on meat for many many centuries. Vegetables and agriculture are a recently discovered phenomenon, as recently as 5000 BC.

So buy raw meat from the market, add a little salt, and some chilies or peppers, and boil it some cookware. No frills. Keep your meat clean and simple. Eat meat as our ancestors did. This is the way poor people survive with dignity.

Psyllium Husk and Flax:

Sometimes, poor men and minimalists need extra support of fiber to maintain gut health. Psyllium Husk and Flax seeds come to the rescue. Poor men and minimalists should take these superfoods as usually. Psyllium Husk also helps in dealing with hunger pangs, poor men’s biggest enemy.

Protein Powder:

Though eggs are a great source of protein, protein powder is the quickest protein available. Just add little water and all you have is 100 percent protein to consume.

Protein shakes are the healthiest shakes to have in the mornings. Most minimalists just take protein shakes instead of any breakfasts in the mornings.


Indian curd is a great source of pre- probiotics, the good bacterias in the stomach. Also, it’s loaded with protein and vitamins for healthy bones. Curd should be taken raw, but by adding little sugar in it can make it a delightful treat to oneself.

Being poor or a minimalist doesn’t mean one has to compromise on food, but it is all about enjoying healthy food and a great lifestyle.


Last but not least- Coffee. Coffee and only coffee is the most luxurious beverage for poor men and minimalists. It’s easy to make and gives the greatest boost one would need in a day.