Will Jawa Motorcycles destroy Royal Enfield?

I’ve been watching Jawa Motorcycles promos and advertisements quite closely. I also visited the comments sections where the audiences were expressing their opinions, thoughts, and very strong emotional rants.

I hope the guys at Royal Enfield would also be visiting this comment section.



In those comments, the hatred and anger against Royal Enfield are substantially strong. I was wondering why people should be so rude towards Royal Enfield Motorcycles.

But, wait, I don’t need to wonder about people’s complaints against Royal Enfield. The fact is Royal Enfield itself is responsible for creating the hatred against itself.

royal enfield
royal enfield

One might think that the Royal Enfield haters are just a bunch of people who cannot afford Royal Enfield Motorcycles. But this is not the case. Even the owners of the RE Motorcycles are quite irritated and feel cheated.

People started hating Royal Enfield Motorcycles because they breached the trust and played with the emotions of its proud customers.

We Indians are pride obsessed people. We try to take pride in almost everything. Google is headed by an Indian is a pride for us. The Indian CEO of Microsoft is our pride. Thus when the English motorcycle brand Royal Enfield was taken over by the Indians, we took pride in it.

It was the Indian customers of Royal Enfield who became the brand ambassador of Royal Enfield, not any Bollywood or cricket celebrity.

We Indians went crazy about our RE Motorcycles and loved it despite the faults in the motorcycles.

We didn’t complaints against shaky engines, vibrating body, falling parts, tube tyres, and absence of fuel gauge. We took it as ‘cool’ thing and shrugged off.

But, what did we get instead? We got cheated by the Royal Enfield makers. I’m saying this with all my sane and sensibilities. They treated us with partiality.

They did lots of cost-cutting for the Indian market and the customers and kept us devoid of basics like ABS, disc brakes, tubeless tyres, etc.



People have been waiting for a substitute for Royal Enfield Motorcycles. Amid this hatred against Royal Enfield Motorcycles, Jawa Motorcycles makes an entry right in the time.

Jawa Motorcycle
Jawa Motorcycle

Jawa Motorcycles and Royal Enfield Motorcycles are retro style Motorcycles and both talk about the icon, heritage, and history etc. Both the Motorcycles have created their cult empire around those terms.

Well, Jawa Motorcycles is here, and it’s here to challenge the cult empire built by Royal Enfield Motorcycles. However, Jawa Motorcycles is not the only challenger, earlier we had UM Motorcycles which failed to empress the Indian bikers.

Bajaj Avenger, unfortunately, despite good durability and performance, failed to make a dent in the segment.

Jawa Motorcycles is different. It already carries an iconic and heritage status. It has brought back the old emotions with much positive noise.

Old-timers, biking enthusiasts, and news and social media are covering the moment quite passionately.

Jawa Motorcycles comes with powerful engines with a metallic body. It presents its classical and retro style perfectly. The Motorcycles come in eye-catching color jobs that appeal to cruiser motorcyclists.

Jawa Motorcycles come with all those modern technologies and facilities that didn’t appear in Royal Enfield Motorcycles till recently.

Jawa Motorcycles possess modern ‘re-engineered’ engines for speed, not like those in RE Motorcycles. They are well equipped with those basics tools and features like the fuel gauge that lacked in RE MOTORCYCLES.

Jawa Motorcycles are reasonably priced and the prices appear value for money.



Basically, Jawa Motorcycles come with all those amenities and features that lacked terribly in Royal Enfield Motorcycles with similar prices.

Will Royal Enfield be destroyed?

Well, Rome got destroyed.

I’m afraid Royal Enfield is going the Nokia way!

The advice I would like to give to RE makers is: don’t f**k with your customers’ money and emotions.