Message from a friend of mine: Hey bro, I’m quite worried now. I have secured a good job offer, and I have to join it in 30 days, but my current organization wouldn’t leave me before 45 days.

I also referred my current company’s offer letter which, to my surprise, it says my official notice period is 60 days.

The company which has offered me is a wonderful prestigious organization. It, indeed, has been my dream organization.

But, I am afraid, I have to let this offer go because of my long notice period.

It was my bad, I should have told them about my official notice period.

But in excitement, I committed a shorter time period. I talked to my manager, he wouldn’t budge.

Is there any hope?

   Yes, there is still hope. Notice periods are designed to deter employees from hopping one job to another.

Also, it gives enough time for the company to get the pending jobs done by the employee.

Most companies, especially the reputed ones, have one month notice period.

But most IT Service companies are strict about the notice period, and try their best to stop employees for three months.

Only in some rare cases IT Service companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, etc, let their employees leave before their official notice period of three months.

If you are a none-performing employee or on-bench, you have chances that you can come out early.

Some senior most employees, or some employees with ‘serious issues’ can also expect to come out early.

But ‘normal guy’ serves three months of notice period like a good boy.

But my friend who messaged me has a different case.

All he can do it to request his manager to shorten his notice period and relieve early.

If the manager is not supportive, he can ask the company HR, which has made the new offer, to extend the date of joining (DOJ).

The good thing is, in most cases, companies which make offers tend to compromise on Date of Joining. 

Since recruitment is a painstaking filtering process, HR guys let the candidate join even after a week or two.  

Some HR guys can also go up to one month in extending Date of Joining.

All you need to do is to write a beautiful formal email to HR personnel (offering company) you’ve been interacting with.

You should also substantiate your email by adding important attachments to authenticate your request.

Let them knew that you’ve resigned, and serving notice period, and written to you manager to relieve early.  

Once the HR guys are convinced, they generally extend your date of joining as per your request.

Also, if you have been recruited through a consultancy firm, you can ask the consultancy guy to do the job for you.

They can mediate, as well as keep you posted on new updates in the process.

Sometimes, HR guys may not modify and send a new offer letter, but can confirm a new DOJ by sending an email. That should be enough in case of small companies.

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I am in a company forcing me to stay beyond the notice period. The notice period is over and yet I have not been relieved. What can I do?