Candidature Being ON HOLD After Completing Interviews: What Does It Really Mean

I got a message from one of my cousins:

Zafar, I had attended an interview for Test Engineer two months back. I had cleared all the four rounds of the interview.

I also had the managerial and HR round of interview where my salary, expectations, and notice period was discussed.

There was no reason for me to doubt my selection as I was content with everything. Even the HR lady over there had assured me to release the offer letter soon.

I was very positive. I was expecting the offer letter the very evening, but that didn’t happen.

I thought I should get that in two days, that didn’t happen too. I waited for a week, as I was suggested by someone experienced.

I didn’t get the call even after a week, so I called the HR lady and sent her a mail inquiring about my candidature.

She told me that my candidature is “on hold” for now due to some internal reasons that she couldn’t disclose.

She asked me to wait till the further calls from them. I waited for about two months, but no calls yet. What should I make of it?


I’ve been a recruiter for a long time. I know various reasons where candidates get rejected or they don’t get calls for further processes.

There are many candidates who complain that they came to know that their candidature is “on hold”, and they don’t know what to do about it.

The candidates are asked to wait; and they wait and wait, but don’t get any calls from the recruiters.

Dear candidates, being “on hold” is not a positive thing in recruitment terms. It’s a political world in the recruitment world, which is meant to convey the message that there is no going ahead with your candidature.

Here onwards, after being on hold, your chances of being selected are 50 percent or lesser than that.

Most of the time, “On hold” is a polite way to say no to your candidature when recruiters suddenly find reasons to drop your candidature: due to selection of a better candidate, or withdrawal of resignation, or any other reason.

Being a recruiter, I know there are many reasons to say “no” to a candidate for further processes in interviews.

Most of the time, we recruiters find it hard to convey the exact reason for rejections to the candidates.

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So, the next time you hear that your candidature is on hold, hold your horses, and plan for the next interview.