No, Jawa Motorcycles Cannot Kill Royal Enfield

‘Time will tell’, they said. Now the time has told: no, Jawa motorcycles cannot kill Royal Enfield motorcycles.

The sales statistics, as well as the motorcycle enthusiasts, have now substantiated the fact that Royal Enfield cannot be destroyed in the Indian market so easily.

In this topic, I’m not going to touch the boring sales statistics, records, specifications, etc, of the motorcycles. Internet is full of such robotic information. I am going to talk about what motorcycle enthusiasts say and what the Indian ‘mango’ people feel.

Not Happy with Royal Enfield!

I, myself, was angry with Royal Enfield and the way it has bewitched the Indian motorcyclists. I’ve written many articles on how Royal Enfield has ‘befooled’ we Indians so emotionally. I wanted Royal Enfield to be punished for its discrimination with Indian customers. I wished for the sales decline of the Royal Enfield bikes, I am being frank here.

Jawa Motorcycle As Hope!

When Mahendras confirmed the news that Jawa is being resurrected by them, I said: Royal Enfield, you are dead!

Almost everything was perfect with Jawa Motorcycles, the visual appeal, the specifications, the new modern technologies, the history & legacy emotions, etc. Everything was almost perfect, but not perfect.

When Jawa motorcycles added ABS and basics like the fuel gauge, disk brake, wide rear tires, etc., which Royal Enfield shamelessly kept away from us Indians, we all were excited. But at one particular stage, I said no, Jawa Motorcycles perhaps may not destroy Royal Enfield.

The Money Matters!

Jawa Motorcycles may not even make a dent in Royal Enfield’s empire. I’m talking about the price. The price does matter. You can fool our sensitive Indian customers with your brand name and royalty only to a point. We Indians appreciate Apple’s iPhones, but buy Xiomi’s Redmi.

Jawa Motorcycles need to understand that Royal Enfield can also bring ABS, tubeless & wide tires, none-leaky engines, and none vibrating bodies, by increasing the price, which is being done now. But hiked prices, however logical, keep customers away.

Sales & Marketing Gyana!

And, if the customers are away, you cannot expand your market. If the market is not widespread, you cannot propagate your trust, durability, and value. Without trust durability and value, you cannot emerge as a ‘Brand’.

Budget-friendly products get emotionally attached to the customers. If you keep your products too pricy, customers will psychologically try to justify and appreciate the alternatives available to them.

The Future of Jawa Motorcycles!

The future of Jawa motorcycles is not very positive. I guess it will go Mahendra Mojo way. It is not going to sell many motorcycles. The current automotive industry is performing poorly in India. Auto Sales has declined up to 30 percent due to various government policies, this is what the industry experts say.

This year, 2019, almost all Vehicle-making industries have shown declining sales figure. If this trend in the industry remains, then tough days are ahead for Jawa motorcycles. We also know what happened to UM Motorcycle, which has come to the Indian market as a challenger for Royal Enfield.

A little Man’s Advice to Royal Enfield

It is an opportunity for Royal Enfield to correct its wrongs done to its Indian customer. Or, the least Royal Enfield can do is bring tubeless tires and widen the skinny rear tire in Bullet 350s.

Don’t let another Nokia happen to you. Change yourself with time, and most importantly listen to your customers who appreciate, you despite your discriminatory attitude towards Indian buyers.

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Jawa Motorcycles VS Royal Enfield: Who Wins?