‘First impression’s the last impression’- we’ve been hearing this phrase since our childhood. It sucks now, but this saying is still meaningful.

Of course, it is. People buy things that are pleasing to their vision. The importance of appearance is a matter of study for marketers and advertisers around the globe.

There are numerous case studies and researches that have been conducted by universities around the globe.

So, why should my resume look bad!

Believe me, the appearance of your resume can make or break the deal. Yes, it can. You can make compromises with your dress while attending interviews, but you have got less room for compromises or mistakes in your resume.

I, being a recruiter for more than five years, am tired and bored of the ignorance candidates make in their resumes.

Those mistakes bother me so much that I unwillingly modify the format and make them appear better. If I don’t do this, I might end up blaming myself for no reason.

I want you to make useful changes in your resumes. You can do it even more wisely. Most importantly, you would never need any professional resume maker ever.

I don’t think anyone should ever need the help of professional resume makers. Well, let’s see what can be done to make our resumes/CVs look beautiful:


USE PROPER FONT AND NOT TOO MANY FONTS- The worst thing you can do with your resume is using too many fonts and some stupid fonts in it.

I have seen making this silly mistake in some high level of resumes by seniors. If you are using more than three fonts in a resume, then you are making a mistake. Using not more than two fonts would be better.

The best fonts to use in resumes are: Times New Roman, Georgia, and Calibri. There are many weird looking zigzagtic fonts available in MS-Word you should never give a try, and the same applies with the usage of smilies.

Apart from avoiding stupid fonts you can also avoid unnecessary stylizing with BOLD, Italics, Underline, or strikethrough. You should use only BOLD for headlines and sub-headlines by maximizing or minimising Font Size.


DON’T USE TOO MANY BOXES- I see many boxes in some resumes. I don’t know what these boxes are called, but I see too many boxes.

These idiot-boxes are irritating. When I try making some necessary changes in such resumes, the whole resume gets disfigured.

If your resume has got such boxes, please consider changing the whole format if you can.


USE  GOOD AND SIMPLE BOXES- There are some nice and good boxes that I see in the humble resumes. These boxes are very simple and editable.

You should use these boxes to bring all your educational qualifications and industrial experiences together. These boxes help recruiters in a great way.

They also save lots of time for the reviewers of the profiles. Let’s see some examples of such boxes:

Work Experience:

xxx Consulting India March ’16 -Till Date Lead Consultant (HR/TA)
xxx Software Dec ’14 – Jan ‘16 Sr. HR Executive
xxx Consulting India May ’12 – Dec ‘2014 Sr.Recruitment Consultant
Xxx Pvt. Ltd. July ’11 – March ‘12 HR Recruiter


You should use such boxes for educational and project related segments too. This way, the recruiters or HR guys can avoid too much of scrolling up and down to review your resume.

It saves time for recruiters and organizes your resume.


HIDE UNNECESSARY JOB HOPS AND PART-TIME EMPLOYMENT – Unfortunately, in India, employers don’t prefer candidates with the history of frequent job changes.

Such guys are labelled as job hoppers in the HR Department. Candidates are advised to remove all unnecessary job changes or jobs taken for a shorter period from the resumes.

Candidates are also supposed to be ready with reasonable explanations at the time of the interviews.


SHOWCASE IT SKILLS AND PROJECT SEGMENT– Most IT Professionals tend to ignore this important segment. IT Skills segment is the great place to showcase your IT Skills/ Keywords along with the duration/ period/ last used time.

By adding these details, you would be adding more value to your profile, and making recruiters job easier. These details also matter in the shortlisting process by the recruiters as well as the managers.

You may ignore Projects segments if you have already mentioned all the projects in the CV. But maintaining this segment can make your profile look more real and solid.

Moreover, IT professionals are supposed to provide all the details of projects: duration of the project, designation in the project, Role Responsibilities in the projects



For example, don’t just put Java in this segment if you have also worked on the related technologies such as j2ee, corejava, j2me, jsp. Don’t just use .Net, If you have also used, c#net, etc.

Also, put all those keywords that can be used with or without ‘space’. E.g., CoreJava, “core java”, angularjs, “angular js”, JavaScript, “java script”, WCF, WPF, “Windows Communication Foundation”, “Windows Presentation Foundation”, etc


POOR USAGE OF ENGLISH– We really don’t need to be a purist in English to make our resumes look better.

I see some silly mistakes in resumes which are related to the basics of English grammar and usage. We must be careful while using Capitalization where needed.

We got to capitalize the first letter of Proper nouns, such as our names and the names of the institutes. We also need to be careful our Subject-Verb agreement in our sentences.

All I mean to say, we must review & edit our resumes for a few times before uploading it on a job portal or taking the print out.


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