The Complicated Time Of Resignation and Notice Period

The Question: Hi, I’m about to resign from my current employer soon. Though I didn’t have such plans, but the company’s current situation makes think that the time has arrived to take this decision. My company, as I hear, has not been doing well for past a few years. The employees have been resigning from time to time. Some of them have been asked to resign.

My performance has been good; I also have been appreciated for my current performance. It doesn’t seem like they would ask my resignation any sooner, for two reasons: first, my performance has been praiseworthy, and secondly, the project I’m working on is crucial for the company. Please guide me to do the right thing at the moment. Should I wait, or should I resign?

The Answer: The private company is not a Titanic that you should wait till last moments for it looks bad to quit a sinking ship. When it comes to the career, one got to be a selfish guy to end up as a successful person in life. It’s always advisable that you stay with the employer for a longer period for it adds up to your resume as a stable candidate. Companies love stable candidates, though the stability of a candidate depends upon the companies’ treatment towards its employees.


When the time comes to leave, you leave; leave with authority. I’ve seen employees getting emotional and crying on the last day at the company. I don’t say it’s bad, but we got to differentiate between the corporate world and the private life. Emotions are good within private life sphere, but equally detrimental in the corporate world.


When the company doesn’t do well financially, it starts doing cost cutting. Cost cutting is the early sign of company’s deteriorating health. Then, the company starts targeting senior employees with heavy salaries. This is the time when every employee should worry about his/her position. The first thing an employee should do is to update the CV in the job portals. Remember, you company is just a place where you get you money that fuels you life. A company is not a community hall where we share and deal with our personal problems.


Never think of resigning before securing another job. Some cases are understandable, but one should always keep in mind that finding a new job after quitting is a big mistake. Job hunting has never been an easy task in history. Quitting job without securing one is like getting stuck in mud. It would be too late, by the time you realize that you are in deep financial trouble.


Once you resign, don’t go reckless in your notice period. One must be honest towards one’s duty. The job you do is the backbone of your life. Once you begin taking your job lightly, you develop a subtle bad habit bad, bad for your career in long run. Yes, the notice period is cooling down period, but the line must not be crossed. Coming late to the office, leaving early, not finishing the task, being always absent from the seat, not coming to the office regularly are a few general mistakes employees make during their notice period.


I’ve also seen employees taking Notice Period as an opportunity to take revenge and doing some back-stabbing. They write mails to their bosses (CEO, COO etc.) complaining about their colleagues, team leads or managers. It should be avoided; as such mails might not be taken as seriously, or it may even fireback.


Why you leave there shall be no blemish on your reputation and record. If possible, one should take the notice period time as a period to clean the stains on the career and performance. In your farewell, if it is there, you shall be applauded and honoured for that. And, that’s an achievement, a personal achievement.


Also, if you keep your performance and record impressive in your last days in the company, there would always be fare chances that your old bosses will remember you in needs, or you can call them for help in bad times. When I was jobless, I called my old manager for help, and he got me a great job at a very bad time. It really feels good when your old managers call you back to take you in their team just because you were a performer. So remember, notice period time is no fun time or the time to play around.

It is also noticed that after quitting some employees visit the office to meet their old colleagues to catch them on tea or coffee break. This should not happen. One can visit or meet the old colleagues on weekends or after office hours, but not on tea or coffee breaks. It just looks bad, and presents one’s poor attitude.

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