Things That Software Engineers Miss in Their Resumes (CVs)

Software engineers miss great job opportunities just because they miss to mention a few technical terms and concepts.

Most of the software engineers miss great job opportunities just because they miss to mention a few technical terms and concepts.

We cannot really blame a software engineer for not highlighting these technical terms in their resumes. After all, they are not the recruiters.

Recruiters are the first point of contact in any employment process. A resume (CV) first gets rejected just because it fails to impress the recruiter.

The candidate might be the James Bond of coding, but he will not get a chance of employment with his desired company only because he couldn’t convince the recruiter about his value.

Here a few technical terms and concept that software engineers must highlight in their CVs to get more relevant job calls and increase their chances of being shortlisted:

1 Technical Terms & Concepts:

I’m a recruiter and like many other recruiters, I don’t know anything about Algorithm.

We, recruiters, are generally told by our hiring/ technical manager that we should find out software engineers good at Algorithms.

And thus we do generally do Control F to find out Algorithms in resumes. If we fail to find it, we generally reject it.

So, if you know about this thing called Algorithms, mention it in your CV.

There are other equally important technical concepts or terms that must not be excluded from the CVs if you know about them.

To name a few: DATA STRUCTURE, DESIGN PATTERNS, MICROSERVICES, MULTI-THREADING, Object Oriented Programming, OOP, OOAD, LinkedList, etc.

2 Wise Usages of Keywords:

Even this is somewhat related to the previous point. All the technical terms and concepts have various keywords and synonyms.

We must use them wisely. For example, a software engineer works on Java technologies, he must use the terms related to Java such as J2ee, Core Java, JSP, EJB, Spring, Hibernate (only if they have worked on them).

The keywords must be used wisely. One must not bombastic his/her resume (CV) with irrelevant technical keywords. There is a certain place in the job portals to infest with the keywords.

3 Projects Details:

Software Engineers are supposed to provide the details of all the projects they have worked on. A resume (CV) without project details generally gets rejected. It shows casualness of a software engineer.

Technical projects must contain these points: what is this project ABOUT, Duration of the project, Role & Responsibilities in the Projects, and the Technical Skills used in the projects.

4 The Sheet of Job History:

A candidate’s job changes do matter in his/her employment process. Though it is the candidates’ duty to ensure stability in their career, sometimes things cannot be controlled.

A software engineer in his/her ten years of career should have changed four to five jobs. A good profile (CV) must how a separate sheet (cells & columns) showing all the job changes and their durations. It looks good and makes recruiters job easier.

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