I had hardly seen my friend Alex as happy as others in the group. He was my friend since high school. In private, he always complained about his looks and his low confidence in front of people. I loved spending time with him, he was my favorite.

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After 12 years, when I was in my office, I received an SMS from one of my friends. It said: ‘Alex committed suicide last night.’ That was a tragic moment for me and everyone who knew Alex. He was a real good guy. I still remember the days spent with him.

I love life; I know many who love life. But, there are others who cannot love life. They want to leave this world, they want to die. Who are these people who want to die, and why do they want to die? Can anything be done to make them live normally?

How to Get Rid of Suicidal Thoughts: Suicide Signs & Prevention

The people who want to die are those with a faulty mindset. Such mindsets develop because of wrong education or minimal support at home in childhood. If children could be inculcated with certain lessons, chances would be slim that they will develop suicidal tendencies at later stages in life.


They are some of us who think that not everyone is equal. There are two types of people: lucky people and unlucky people. People born with luck only enjoy life, and those born with unlucky tag suffer.

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Please be advised: there are no lucky people in the world. It is just a tag people get for certain characteristics or achievements. A guy was considered lucky when he became the youngest CEO, but suddenly becomes the most unlucky when he dies in a car accident the next day. Remember: no one is born lucky or unlucky.


The truth is that there is nothing wrong with the world. The world has been the same as it was hundreds of years ago. The people in Buddha’s time were as much messed up in their head as they were in Jesus’ time, and later in the prophet’s time.

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We all are Homosapiens. So, do not blame the world and its people. Look inside yourself, and you will find that it is you who didn’t change. Change yourself today, and go with the flow of the world.


If you struggle to remove your ‘wants’, at least, try to remove ‘more’. You are thinking of ending your life because you demanded and expected WAY TOO MUCH from the world. You wanted more money, more power, more respect, more attention, more love. If you struggle to remove your ‘wants’, at least, try to remove ‘more’.

The ‘more’ is never more. Look around yourself and witness whatever you have. You already have everything you needed in your life. You have got ‘life’ from the Creator: that’s the greatest miracle, that’s the greatest asset.

Don’t demand love from your family members. Don’t demand faithfulness from your lover. Don’t demand respect from young ones and subordinates. Just don’t demand! The mind keeps demanding, and the demands become cancerous. And, this cancer wants you dead. Then, suicidal thoughts!

Remember: There is nothing wrong with the world, and society. The world has been the same since the beginning of civilization. If you really see something wrong somewhere, see inside yourself; you might find something ‘wrong’ there.

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